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10 Best Action Movies Directed By LGBTQ + Directors

The exit of Lana Wachowski Matrix resurrections sees the franchise’s first cinematic installment since the director became trans in 2010. While the action film genre is generally seen as an arena for straight and cisgender men, several LGBTQ + directors have made their point on gender.

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Roland Emmerich, Joel Schumacher and the Wachowski sisters are just a few who have revolutionized the action genre on several occasions. These directors bring with them exciting styles they employed and unique perspectives that have colored their stories in new and interesting ways.

ten The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 – Bill Condon

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

The Twilight series finale features some of the show’s most watchable moments. After a dreary first part at Twilight, its sequel shows the series’ climax in a battle as the main characters seek to protect Edward and Bella’s child, Renesmee, from the Volturi.

The film takes some liberties by adapting Stéphanie Meyer’s book, trying to increase the drama and tension of the second half of the novel. The long dreamy sequence that shows the battle between the Volturi and the main vampires is one of the most exciting scenes in the series, building on the anticlimactic finale of the book.

9 Money Monster – Jodie Foster

Jack O'Connell pointing his gun with George Clooney behind him on the film set

While Money monster It may not be a full-fledged action flick, it’s imbued with constant tension throughout, as TV financial expert Lee Gates is held hostage by private investor Kyle Budwell of his rights who lost all his savings because of Gates’ advice.

This is the fourth film directed by Jodie Foster and her most suspenseful to date. Money monster may lack extravagant chase scenes or expertly choreographed fights. However, he excels at creating tension and the lingering threat of violence throughout his execution.


8 Batman and Robin – Joel Schumacher

Batman & Robin: The Bat Family

Often decried as one of the worst Batman movies, Batman and robin is the kind of campy fun that takes the franchise more in the direction of the lighthearted adventures of Adam West than the darker take on the character of Tim Burton.

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Batman and robin is Schumacher’s sequence to Batman forever, and it’s considered one of the property’s most infamous adaptations. The film is overloaded with cheesy gags and cheesy performances by Arnold Schwartzenegger, Uma Thurman and George Clooney. The film features several memorable action scenes, including the fight with “Hell’s Hockey Team” and Batgirl’s motorcycle chase.

seven Universal Soldier – Roland Emmerich

A close-up of Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme in Universal Soldier

While Roland Emmerich only made the first universal soldier, the film was a box office success and spawned five sequels. Emmerich’s first entry into the series was overshadowed by Terminator 2: Judgment Day, although it presents itself today as an action classic of the genre, full of emphasis, clichés and memorable fight scenes.

It might not be Emmerich’s best-known film today, which are disaster films. With Jean Claude Van Damme at the helm of the action-sci-fi fusion the director is generally known for, the film offers the kind of B-movie that action fans have come to expect from the genre.

6 Fall Out – Joel Schumacher

Still image of Michael Douglas in Falling Down

Schumacher Fall turned out to be ahead of his time exploring the psyche of a disenfranchised middle-class white man. Michael Douglas stars as William Foster, a hapless man facing both divorce and unemployment on the same day, the film follows his journey home as he is continually angry with what he sees as a lazy and complacent Los Angeles.

Fall is sometimes an absurd action flick, but it’s best seen as an underlying satire on the thin-skinned resentment of a man like Foster. The film would find itself in good company with films like Fight club Where American psychopath would represent similar characters.

5 Stargate – Roland Emmerich

Stargate movie extras were just sticks with costumes

Another mix of science fiction and action from Emmerich, while Star gate can be considered more of the old type of movie, it still has a lot of action chops to boast of. Kurt Russel and James Spader star in the film, the latter attempting to decipher the ancient portal that leads through the galaxy while the former waits to defend the Earth if necessary.

The film may be overshadowed by its television spinoffs, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1, and Stargate: Universe, however, the movie Emmerich is still full of fun ’90s action, with a memorable ancient Egypt-infused sci-fi style.

4 Speed ​​Racer – The Wachowski

The Wachowski sisters’ dazzling sequel to the Matrix trilogy, Speed ​​runner is a wonder of a movie. Although it exploded at the box office and received mixed reviews upon its release, it’s a film that is stylistically unlike anything else.

It’s also a film that really delivers the thrill it promises, making full use of its computer-generated world to make jaw-dropping camera moves that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. While the film features gunfights, it’s the racing scenes that stand out the most as adrenaline-fueled cocktails of madness.

3 Nocturnal Animals – Tom Ford

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon in Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Tom Ford’s dark sequel to his debut, A single man, may be classified more comfortably as a thriller, but it still contains some nerve-wracking action sequences in its neo-noir setting. The film follows Amy Adams as Susan, a gallery owner who receives a manuscript from her first husband, Edward.

Edward’s novel is where most of the story takes place, and Susan begins to notice themes of their marriage cropping up in her grim tale, depicting a grueling and harsh thriller about a husband seeking to get away from it all. avenge his murdered family. Nocturnal animals is a darker film than the others on this list, but still a gripping and gripping action thriller.

2 Independence Day – Roland Emmerich

Will Smith on Independence Day

Perhaps the height of Emmerich as a filmmaker, Independence Day is an instant classic and a blockbuster delight. The iconic film may be full of overly sentimental and patriotic characters, but its action scenes are still a delight to this day, especially the maximalist explosions showing the destruction of New York City and the famous White House.

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The film created as many shots as it fell victim to, but remains perhaps the most definitive alien invasion film since. Encounters of the Third Kind.

1 The Matrix – The Wachowski

Keanu Reeves in Matrix Reloaded

Perhaps the film that has most influenced action movies over the past thirty years, The matrix is a film that even the Wachowski sisters have not been able to reproduce since. While the film is also iconic for the performance, sickly green color scheme, and tight, efficient plot, its action is still a highlight by far.

Although the action scenes undoubtedly correspond to those of Reloaded, they’re still as stunning today as they were in 1999. From the effortless freshness of Trinity and Neo shooting down a hallway to the high-energy thrill of melee combat to mind-blowing bullet scenes, The matrix is still one of the greats, if not the greatest, action movies of all time.

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