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10 Best Action Movies Of The 2010s, According To Letterboxd

Author Evan Stuart Marshall describes the action as “the mode used by fiction writers to show what is happening at a given moment in history.“While this literary device appears in virtually every story ever written, the action genre takes the concept at face value. Action movies are among Hollywood’s most memorable contributions, even if they don’t do not always live up to criticism.

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On the other hand, several action films have become cinematic paradigms in their own right. While there are countless websites created for the sole purpose of discussing movies and filmmaking, Letterboxd’s viewer-centric approach has gradually gained traction in recent years.

10/10 Skyfall avoids the ostentatious trappings associated with the James Bond franchise


by Ian Fleming james bond The novel series has undoubtedly influenced and inspired the spy genre. There have been twenty-seven film adaptations since 1962 Dr. Nothe most recent payment being no time to die (2021). Directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig, celestial fall is the highest rated James Bond film of the past decade.

Rotten Tomatoes Critics’ Consensus Calls celestial falla smart, sexy and gripping action thriller that qualifies as one of the best 007 films to date.” Critics praised the film’s morbid sense of humor, stating that celestial fall eschews the ostentatious trappings associated with directness in favor of a sharp narrative. Javier Bardem’s Raoul Silva is recognized as one of the most terrifying villains in james bond the story.

9/10 The internet is full of John Wick memes, tributes and references


The internet is full of memes, homages and references to John WickThe titular protagonist of, a man who decimates the Russian mob for killing his beloved Beagle puppy. The bad guys don’t stand a chance against this dangerous ex-assassin – in fact, they even call him “Baba Yaga“, a supernatural entity from Slavic folklore.

John WickLetterboxd’s 3.8 score reflects its lasting impact on 2010s cinema. The film’s fast-paced choreography and jaw-dropping stunts pay homage to some of the action genre’s defining examples. In a review for The Hollywood ReporterJustin Lowe claimed that Keanu Reeves “effortless kinetic style […] positions the film extremely well for any potential tracking.”

8/10 The Revenant transports its viewers to a harsh and unforgiving world


Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for playing pioneer Hugh Glass in The ghost. Although many fans argue that he should have won the Oscar long before this film, few can deny that he deserves the accolade. rolling stone magazine applauded DiCaprio”virtuoso performance, thrilling in its raw strength and silent eloquence“, but Tom Hardy’s memorable portrayal of John Fitzgerald has thankfully not gone unnoticed.

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Directed by author Alejandro G. Iñárritu, The ghost has won numerous awards, including the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Critics’ Choice Awards. The ghost transports its viewers to a harsh and unforgiving world – a world where nightmares and reality merge into a gruesome cocktail.

7/10 Watching Sicario requires both thick skin and a tough stomach


Denis Villeneuve Sicario is deceptively simple on the surface. The story chronicles the experiences of a semi-conscious FBI special agent and his attempt to navigate the disturbing history and culture of the Mexican drug cartels. However, Sicario dives uncomfortably deep into psychological waters, leaving viewers reeling.

Empire Dan Jolin of the magazine praised the multidimensional complexities scattered throughout the film, calling it “a beautifully dark and harsh thriller” and “one of the best movies of the year.” Sicario is thematically analogous to that of Francis Ford Coppola Revelation now, a film that examines the darkest fringes of the human spirit with incredible grace and conviction. That said, Sicario contains scenes that require both thick skin and a tough stomach.

6/10 Warrior is much deeper than the film’s ultra-masculine posters suggest


With a score of 3.9 on Letterboxd, Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior seems like stereotypical fare for action-oriented viewers. Nonetheless, there’s so much more to this film than the ultra-masculine posters imply. Although Tommy and Brendan Conlon face their brotherly differences in the MMA ring, their seemingly rocky relationship is nothing short of an elegantly crafted ode to brotherhood.

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Critic Roger Ebert hailed the protagonists’ relentless determination and poignant courage, saying that “this is a rare fight movie in which we want to see either fighter lose.” Warrior doesn’t have much of a plot, let alone a congruent narrative, but it has enough heart and soul to capture the audience’s attention.

5/10 Mission: Impossible – Fallout transcends the action genre on many levels


As the sixth installment in the eponymous series, Mission: Impossible – Fall could have easily fallen into the clichés of its predecessors. And yet, this film transcends the action genre on many levels.

To fall earned $791 million at the box office and a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, proving once and for all that even overdone franchises can produce cinematic treasures. write for The telegraphTim Robey called To fallsummer blockbuster“, quoting the movie”Bond-like“Atmosphere, inconceivable action sequences, and”pleasantly twisty plot.”

4/10 Drive takes some pretty risky twists before its inevitably tragic conclusion


Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and based on the eponymous novel by James Sallis, Conduct features Ryan Gosling in a career-defining role as a stuntman/getaway pilot. Its unnamed protagonist embarks on a doomed heist with his ex-neighbor, which takes some pretty dangerous twists and turns before its inevitably traumatic conclusion.

Rotten Tomatoes Critics’ Consensus Praised Conduct‘s”hyper-stylized mix of violence, music and striking imagery“, while critic Peter Travers called Refn a director”a virtuoso, blending hard and soft with such astonishing skill that he deservedly won Best Director at Cannes.

3/10 The Raid: Retaliation is a relentless mix of deadly combat and broken bodies


Loweringalso known as The Raid: Redemptionis arguably one of the most electrifying action films ever made. The Raid: Retaliation retains the bubbly aura of its predecessor without wasting a single second of its 150-minute runtime on trivial concepts like plot and emotional development.

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In fact, this movie just doesn’t care about its characters – countless extras are maimed, maimed, and outright murdered in a bloody display of martial art. The Raid 2 is a non-stop mix of deadly combat and broken bodies, and connoisseurs of the genre couldn’t ask for more.

2/10 Mad Max: Fury Road is an oasis of hope in the post-apocalyptic wasteland


Mad Max: Fury Road is the third sequel to George Miller’s legendary franchise. Released thirty years after the previous opus, road of fury revitalized the action genre in ways previously unimaginable. Though filled with wall-to-wall combat sequences, high-stakes car chases, and hyperbolically hostile characters, road of fury can hardly be described as an action movie.

Rather, it explores a wide range of sociopolitical themes, from quasi-religious dogma to radical environmentalism and everything in between. Whereas road of fury can be interpreted as a cautionary tale against the excesses of capitalism, it carries an enduring message of hope: an oasis of humanity still thrives in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Christopher Nolan is widely considered a master of the action genre. The black Knight, Mementoand Dunkirk are among the most popular films in Hollywood history, let alone the decade of the 2010s. Creationhowever, is on a whole other level.

Variety‘s Justin Chang touted the film as a “diabolically complex thread located in the labyrinth of the unconscious […] which challenges viewers to sift through multiple layers of (in)reality.” Creation is an incomprehensible amalgamation of pure action and arcane metaphysics – audiences can spend years analyzing its sophisticated narrative tapestry and still discover something new with each rewatch.

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