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10 forgotten 1980s comedy movies that were excellent


The 1980s were a great time for movies, and for comedies in particular. So many classic movies that studios revisit in reboots or nostalgic nods date back to the decade in which the Cold War ended and The simpsons begin.

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But for as many big movie fans know it backwards and quote endlessly in quiz contests, there are just as many who have gone through the cracks of time. Big ’80s funny comedies deserve special attention, so here are ten forgotten but excellent’ 80s comedies ranked.

ten Displacement of violations

A classic setup in a lot of ’80s comedies is having to go back to school. Police academy probably made the most of it, but Displacement of violations is an unearthed gem that features one of the great visual gags of the decade. An assortment of characters all have to take a driver education course to get their licenses back after racking up violations and, of course, hilarity ensues. The 1985 comedy features a good time when actress Wendy Jo Sperber drinks a lot of Crisco Oil after she misunderstands some advice. Really misunderstanding.

9 Brewster’s Millions

Brewster’s Millions is one of Richard Pryor’s great comedies in the late 70s and early 80s. Pryor plays Monty Brewster, a minor league pitcher for the Hackensack Bulls (!) who gets the offer of a lifetime . His wealthy uncle dies and offers to leave his entire $ 300 million fortune with him, but only if Brewster can spend $ 30 million in thirty days. Anyone alive right now could win this challenge before the close of business on day one, but for Brewster, it’s a real hysterical challenge as he tries to navigate the insane rules (he can’t do it all). give) while clinging to who is he.

8 Moving

Another forgotten Richard Pryor comedy from the 80s is Moving. Pryor plays Arlo Pear, a man who moves his family across the United States. Along the way, things naturally go sideways. He meets an exceptional group of comedy greats in diverse and often wacky roles. Dana Carvey achieves the best performance as a person of multiple personalities. Somehow he becomes Pryor’s driver and the experience is epic to say the least. Randy Quaid, Rodney Dangerfield and Morris Day are also in the game.

7 Kind of wonderful

Few artists have John Hughes’ creative backgrounds in the 1980s, but not all of the films he was associated with are remembered as much as the others. Concrete example : Kind of wonderful.

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Hughes wrote the screenplay for this 1987 comedy, in which a teenage couple on the fringes of their high school’s social acceptance try to improve their lot. It’s a bit more daring than Hughes ‘other films but retains the same brand of humor and the same take on the’ 80s teenager.

6 Ice pirates

It’s not entirely clear Ice pirates was meant to be a comedy, but it certainly turned out that way. Decisively ’80s stars Robert Ulrich and Mary Crosby head a cast that includes a debut performance by Ron Perlman. Ice pirates is a very Star wars-y concept which falls absolutely in the execution but compensates for its poor quality effects and its uncertain tone with a lot of laughs. In short, water will be scarce in the future and pirates will have to steal ice. And then they go back in time.

5 True stories

True Stories - David Byrne

True stories is the original idea and passionate project of David Byrne, former leader of the Talking Heads and legendary rock icon. The film is an odd detour with music and comedy, essentially a series of vignettes following Byrne’s cowboy character as he travels to a small town in Texas about to celebrate Byrne’s birthday. Texas independence. The madness of the story, the characters (with performances by John Goodman, Spalding Gray and others) and Byrne is the real fun here.

4 Bachelor party

Tom Hanks Quiz - Bachelor Party

Bachelor party comes from Neal Israel, also responsible for Displacement of violations. Starring a first lead role for Tom Hanks, the setup is pretty straightforward: a guy gets married, his friends throw him a bawdy-house party, chaos ensues. Hanks marries Tawny Kitaen, her infamous’ 80s Whitesnake music videos, so you’d think that would be enough. It was for David Cloverdale! Nonetheless, Tom Hanks is uncertain about his marital future. A ransacked hotel room, a police raid and a suicide attempt put him back in order.


A cult favorite to be sure, UHF still does not receive his due. UHF stars Weird Al Yankovic in a slightly intriguing and super silly story where he works at a local UHF station but continues to fall asleep.

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His dreams have screened him in various movies and TV shows aired on the channel, including a beefy Rambo-like hero reminiscent of another great 80s movie, Hot shots! Second part. Yankovic’s character George has plenty of crazy new shows for the channel that must be seen to be believed.

2 Top secret!

An absolute classic Top secret! is a parody film in the vein of Airplane!, which makes sense because it comes from the same creative minds Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker. Val Kilmer marks his first lead role in style, effortlessly leading audiences through an endless parody of WWII movies and bad Elvis Presley movies (there are plenty of songs). Perhaps the best bet is a German jeep that explodes after barely touching the bumper of another car.

1 The Money Pit

Tom Hanks has starred in many great movies and almost all of them are well known. This one deserves a little more love. Hanks and his wife, played by Shelley Long, buy a giant house that is, to say the least, a renovator. It’s so much worse than that, and they lose all their money and mind as the tub crashes to the floor, a raccoon settles in the walls, and the stove turns into a cannon and throws a turkey turkey. ‘from one wing of the house to another. An absolute riot.

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