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10 horror comedy movies to add to your watchlist: Britt’s Film Corner


Comedies and Horror Movies, a weird but brilliant duo when done right, and sometimes you’ll find one that fits your comedy style but has little to no horror or even slasher style to it. Don’t worry, at least about that, because I have a list of ten horror comedy movies for you to pick one to try.

Still image of The Burbs. Source: Paramount Pictures

Detention (2011): With an incredibly quick wit and comedic style, this horror film focuses on themes of slashers, time travel, high school terror, and in general how annoying people can be at times.

Confined at home (2014): This New Zealand horror comedy centers around a woman who has to live with her parents after being released from prison in their care, but something is definitely different about the house.

Ready or Not (2019): Before the pandemic, we were lucky to have this film whose ending made me repeat over and over “good for her”. Weddings can be stressful, but they have nothing on the one in this horror movie.

What we do in the shadows (2014): The origins of the popular FX series of the same name center around vampire roommates who have issues ranging from choring the dishes to getting facial right after turning into a cat.

Daughters of tragedy (2017): Often slept, this movie is sarcastic and hilarious in the best possible way and is a fun ride for horror and comedy fans.

Bad Milo (2013): Imagine that a small killer parasite attacks those who harm or upset you; it’s an interesting concept for a horror movie, but add it lives in your butt, now it’s comedy.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) : A classic and oddly relatable way that I would have dealt with anything like a zombie apocalypse happening around me.

The Burbs (1989): There’s Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Weird Neighbors, Hilarious Gossip and more that make this one of my favorites and why I own it on DVD.

The babysitter (2017): With the lead of Ready or Not, this movie arrived on Netflix, and while cautious at first, I ended up loving it and had so much fun throughout.

Werewolves inside (2021): A horror movie that I reviewed earlier when it premiered, this one was adapted from a popular video game, and it’s a great movie to watch.

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