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10 live-action movies with animated openings

While not as common with modern films, fans may recall a number of live-action movies featuring an animated opening sequence using various forms of animation that separated each movie and made them all the more memorable.

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Some animated openings became more memorable than the films themselves, either by the unique characters created inside, or by the storytelling that unfolded in an opening that might otherwise have been just a series of cards. title crossing the screen. Upon taking a closer look at a few of those movies today, people can remember or maybe experience some great animated opening sequences.

ten Grease’s cast got ready for their return to Rydell High

The intro sees an animated version of the Grease cast getting ready for the first day of school

Theatrical adaptation of the musical in 1978 Fat explored the development of the relationship between Danny Zuko and Sandra “Sandy” Dee after a romantic summer in the 1950s that ended when they joined the T-Birds and Pink Ladies for their final year at Rydell High.

The film featured an animated intro that featured an animated cast of characters as they prepared for the first day of school while Frankie Valli’s “Grease” aired on the radio, which swung into live action at Rydell. after a series of display titles.

9 A fistful of dollars feature a silhouetted western shootout

A Fistful of Dollar animated red, black and white intro shows a man in silhouette on horseback

The opening of Sergio Leone’s iconic spaghetti western in 1964 a handful of dollars was created by Iginio Lardani and featured experimental animation techniques mixed with Ennio Morrone’s breathtaking score that depicts a shootout between silhouetted cowboys on horseback.

The red, black and white animation was a vibrant representation of iconic Western themes spread across the cast’s title cards that only amplified the start of the live-action film, which launched Clint Eastwood and Leone’s The critically acclaimed “The Man With No Name” trilogy.

8 An animated cowboy has appeared in the City Slickers franchise

City Slickers' animated cowboy and his arsenal of lasso tricks that orient the various title cards

After the comedic force-feeding of star Billy Crystal during the running of the bulls which opened in 1991 Townspeople, the animated title sequence featured a cowboy character performing a series of rope tricks that tease some of the gags from the movie itself.

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The animated cowboy and his arsenal of lasso tricks direct the various title cards throughout the sequence as he dodges (or creates) hilarious calamities alongside an animated bull. The animated cowboy added significantly to the opening credits and groomed viewers appropriately for the Western setting.

7 Animated children escaped giant horrors in honey, I shrunk the children

In the animated intro, the kids from the cartoon Honey I Shrunk The Kids stand next to the movie logo

the years 1989 Honey, I cut down on the kids transformed the opening title sequence into an animated short film series featuring independent cartoon kids as they attempted to escape increasingly dangerous threats after being struck by a shifting beam of size.

Initial threats to shrunken children came from typography as headlines toppled over and across the screen, forcing children to flee through an ever-changing landscape that included a giant dust cup, spinning record player and l inside a toaster before they end up mailed in an envelope.

6 Tomcats featured animated animals from the main character’s comics

Split image of the human cast of Tomcats and animated intro featuring anthropomorphic animals

2001 Tomcats followed a comic book creator as he tried to marry his old friend in order to win a long-standing bet with a huge cash reward that is given to the last bachelor standing, which he needs to meet a debt of Game.

The opening animated sequence featured the main character’s anthropomorphic dog and cat cartoon main characters as they vied for the attention of an unconscious woman walking through the various title screens before teaming up for various hijinks.

5 A Fully Fueled Crimson Bolt featured in Super’s animated opening

James Gunn’s Great released in theaters in 2010 and introduced fans to the Crimson Bolt, a costumed real-world hero played by Dwight Schrute actor Rainn Wilson, who had no powers but still managed to do justice with his trusty key to pipe.

The opening titles of the movie from Puny Entertainment featured amateur comic book animation featuring a full-powered Crimson Bolt as he brutally took down criminals, highlighting the imaginative nature of the main character’s true fight against The crime.

4 Santa tries to deliver gifts during National Lampoon Christmas vacation

ANIMATED OPENINGS - Christmas Holidays

the years 1989 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation joined the Griswold family as they celebrated the holidays at home while experiencing the pitfalls and typical situations that made the Vacation franchise such a hit among fans.

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Christmas holidays opens with a short animated story that follows Santa Claus on Christmas Eve as he attempts to deliver gifts to the Griswolds. Sadly, poor Santa is forced to deal with a number of similar comedic incidents that Chevy Chase has to contend with throughout the franchise, making it a hilarious but dangerous stop for Santa.

3 Catch Me If You Can features a minimalist retro animated opening

The minimalist animation of Catch Me If You Can featuring the chase between Abagnale and the FBI agent

The 2002 adaptation of acclaimed director Steven Spielberg Catch Me If You Can told the true story of scammer Frank Abagnale and the FBI agent who tracked him down across the world after he became a pioneer of forged checks, which ultimately led Abagnale to work with the FBI.

The film opened with a retro homage to similar classic animated openings that featured minimalist versions of Abagnale and the FBI agent as they played cat-and-mouse across the country while the cards title were revealed to a fabulous score from John Williams.

2 It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World opens with iconic Saul Bass intro

ANIMATED OPENINGS - It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Saul Bass was an iconic graphic designer and filmmaker who won numerous awards for his amazing title sequences which appeared in a number of films while also designing recognizable company logos that are still in use today.

Bass’s Memorable Animated Overture for the 1963s It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world featured an animated globe and title maps which were manipulated by the inhabitants of the globe with a number of view gags. While not really related to the movie, he put together the frenzied comedy of It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world.

1 The Pink Panther opening credits kicked off a hit cartoon series

years 1963 The pink Panther was the first film starring French inspector Jacques Clouseau as he attempted to stop a notorious jewelry thief from stealing the priceless diamond known as “The Pink Panther”. The film’s animated title sequence introduced fans to the actual Pink Panther character who was being stalked by an animated Clouseau.

The Pink Panther character proved to be so popular that it quickly played in the 1964s. The pink rose cartoon series before reaching new levels of popularity as an ongoing animated series that has aired for decades.

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