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10 love movies for those who hate romance (and romantic comedies)

With Valentine’s Day finally upon us, it’s customary to indulge in romance on the big screen, but not always preferable. The romantic genre and its loved ones have their own share of tropes and formulas, often motivated by a sweet tone. Yet even those who subvert expectations are still not for everyone. Even when they capture sincerity or nuanced drama.

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But there are plenty of films outside of these traditional sensibilities that nonetheless offer touching relationships. It is a universally understood and sympathetic aspect of life that makes the protagonists identifiable and often raises the stakes. And every good relationship comes with tradeoffs, so here are a few unconventional choices that offer an intermediate romance.

ten The princess to marry

It’s the closest thing to a syrupy romance without going straight to the unwanted. And that’s because the film is self-aware throughout, cleverly ironic about the romantic elements themselves. It is a shameless parody, above all a brilliant comedy. And like any great parody, it can undermine tropes and thrive on them in one breath.

This is because of its distinct display of understanding. The princess to marry often toys with the same characteristics that viewers might generally reject. He leans over exaggerations so relentlessly that he practically laughs at romance. But the chemistry and talent of the protagonists is undeniable, which also makes him a satisfied romance fan.

9 High fidelity

John Cusack as Rob Gordin in High Fidelity

The protagonist is obsessed with the top five lists, but there’s no favoritism involved here. This film is essentially an anti-novel film, despite starring John Cusack. In fact, its inclusion seems rather deliberate, perhaps a subversion of the familiar. Cusack plays Rob Gordon, who reflects on his biggest ruptures, without realizing his own role in them. The story is filled with conversation and relationship observations, but questions the romance itself.

The uplifting nature of the protagonist is somewhat of an avatar for viewers who don’t care about romance. The film is primarily a clever dramatic comedy, about an ordinary man who discovers himself. But the ending won’t completely alienate romance fans. In addition, the atmosphere of the record store, characterized by intense musical conviction, is contagious and results in an overflowing soundtrack. Keep an eye out for the next TV adaptation.

8 Her

Joaquin Phoenix in it

A remarkably performed meditation on the lie of digital human interaction. Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker itself, never disappoints. His ability to act alone in the face of a voice is deeply impressive. Its protagonist lives in such a digital fantasy that it becomes preferable to real human relationships. He falls in love with a programmed voice that was designed to satisfy his particular personality.

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It’s a terribly plausible social commentary, about how human beings have become disconnected despite all of our social platforms. Anonymity and intense desires for social validation have prompted strange and often toxic behaviors. This surprisingly funny film values ​​the legitimacy of human romance without setting foot in the familiar.

7 True romance

Written by Quentin Tarantino, it bears all of his hallmarks, which may seem unattainable to some. But it is undeniable that the central relationship is nonetheless romantic. The story is almost fantastic. The film has graphic language, brutal violence, and thrills abound.

It is primarily a crime story, directed by the late Tony Scott, who is extremely gifted. And yet, for the entire edge of the film, the titular romance is surprisingly soft. The main character is decidedly lonely and strange, but finds love with a first call girl. It’s a trope in and of itself, but with Tarantino’s unique wit, they serve the electric story perfectly.

6 Leave the one on the right in

This genre-bender is one of the most touching new vampire stories in a long time. The vampires have been terribly exhausted, but this movie puts dusk to shame. And if you’re not comfortable with subtitles, the American adaptation is surprisingly effective as well. It’s a love story that takes the least recognizable route.

This horror drama is about an intensely bullied young boy, who befriends a pale girl next door. Their relationship seems exceptionally sincere and develops organically throughout the film. It especially helps that children are exceptional actors. Friendship evolves into believable romance, but it comes with daring and moving violence. The film will satisfy viewers who reject horror and romance.

5 groundhog day

This is a classic Bill Murray comedy that transforms into a lingering romance so gradually that those who are generally shunned will hardly notice it. The classic premise is quite conducive to Murray’s dry wit, and it has been emulated many times since. Admittedly, the second half of the film heavily involves the protagonist of Murray pining for love interest. But the approach is steady, and the journey is hilarious.

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Ultimately, the movie is actually about a rude man who learns how to improve himself after being trapped in a time loop. Romance is secondary, but also a big part of its lesson. The comedy in redundancy and fantasy is explored to its fullest potential, and Murray is absolutely magnetic like never before.

4 Shaun of the Dead

Which character from the Cornetto trilogy are you, according to your MBTI?

Even Edgar Wright’s zombie apocalypse has a heartfelt love story. Essentially, the movie is about an immature man who is decidedly complacent with a little life. And that causes an inevitable break with his love, Liz. The film spends much of its first run with the titular Shaun trying to win her back. The grief is genuine, creating tangibility to their romantic history.

And yet, while that’s a guideline in the movie, there’s a lot more to it. It’s a sharp commentary, with clever comedy and a hilarious, inventive slapstick. He defends and parodies the zombie genre with tremendous understanding. Romance, comedy, and horror are all perfectly balanced to appease just about anyone.


This may seem counterintuitive as this is a Pixar animated film about a loving little robot. However, the film balances its sweet romance with a terrific sense of humor, beautiful art, and sci-fi fun. Romance is welcome precisely because it gives a robot more humanity. It also feeds into the film’s social commentary.

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While WALL-E enjoys cinema musicals, befriends an insect, and falls in love, humans have no interaction with each other. They drift through space, having wrecked the environment on Earth, lazily relying on machines for everything. But this film is full of charm, comedy and adventure. And WALL-E’s humble life and devotion to EVE is intrinsically endearing. The romance is blatant yet adorable, and probably quite unique to most detractors.

2 dead Pool

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin as Deadpool and Vanessa in Deadpool

This movie was actually released for Valentine’s Day weekend. There is certainly romance and comedy to the film, but its complete loyalty to the Deadpool comics brings something new. His unique meta-humor allows the film to parody the barrage of annual superhero movies that still show no signs of slowing down. But the fundamental relationship between Wade and Vanessa is far too charming and natural to displease those with folded arms.

They have instant appealing chemistry, along with a terrific sense of humor. Despite all the graphic violence and sexuality, the film captures the new love in an authentic and moving way. Especially after Wade’s cancer tragedy. dead Pool mixes just the right amount of various genres together, resulting in something for anyone who is entertained by crass, witty humor.

1 Baby Driver

Baby Driver Lily James and Ansel Elgort

This frenzied crime thriller is based on the charm of the protagonists’ young love. In fact, the movie even makes an antagonist of a broken couple, so romance is definitely central. However, the story is also full of enthusiastic, absorbing, and creative action sequences. Not to mention the catchy music, which is crucial for the sympathetic condition of the main character.

This movie is also surprisingly funny and filled with the winning personality of director Edgar Wright. Simply put, the movie is a huge amount of blustery fun. But his stakes and his sincerity never fail. There is a constant kinetic energy and a feeling of youth that forgives sentimentality. It might even encourage naysayers to indulge in more romance elsewhere.

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