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10 most underrated comedy movies of the past 5 years

The 2010s saw comedy films turn into a mix of genres, as elements of romance, action, and even horror were implemented in recent releases. With so many films available, however, a good number of worthy films tend to get lost in the mix.

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In this list, we’ve compiled the movies that didn’t have commercial success or weren’t critical darlings when they should have been. We have also focused a lot (but not exclusively) on highlighting independent exits that are worth watching. These movies all inherently deserve to be considered great works, so take a look at these 10 underrated comedic movies from the past five years.

ten The Gentiles (2016)

A reluctant team between an executor and a private investigator leads them to uncover the truth behind a young woman’s disappearance. What follows is a chase that traps the protagonists in a series of incidents and adventures.

9 Long Shot (2019)

A presidential candidate bumps into a reporter she used to babysit when she was a teenager, only to make her fall in love with him. The resulting romance sees a wide variety of close calls and traps as their relationship threatens to interfere with its political odds.

It is only on rare occasions that Seth Rogen does a comedy that has a lot of heart, and Long Shot is the movie to watch for those who want something different from Rogen and Charlize Theron. It doesn’t go too heavy with the romance and keeps the comedy clean and engaging. The film hasn’t made a box office hole this year, which is a shame as this odd couple thrills on all fronts.

8 To the sea (2018)

A horribly spoiled rich ladies’ man gets his due when an accident happens to him and he loses his memory as a result. Seeing this as an opportunity, a struggling single mom convinces him that they are married to get revenge for her inappropriate ways.

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While At the sea did well at the box office, it suffered from unenthusiastic reviews. This doesn’t do the film justice, as Eugenio Derbez’s beautiful performance ensures that there is a lot of laughter as we see his character undergo the most reality check through constant incidents. It’s a simplistic story with straightforward jokes that critics didn’t like, but they are sure to please you for a good hour of entertainment.

7 Mistress America (2015)

A disenchanted freshman in college suddenly finds new meaning in her life when her stepsister introduces her to the best of metropolitan life before realizing their issues run a little deeper than they thought.

6 Sword of Confidence (2019)

Four people eager to sell an ancient sword, worth more than they expected, realize the dangerous consequences of dealing with mad fanatics as a journey of self-discovery is set in motion simultaneously .

Sword of trust is another simple film with no plot other than the aforementioned sale of the sword. What makes it such a stunning watch is the fact that all of the main cast in the movie are hilarious together and individually. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews but did not gain the attention of the general public. Those who watch it will love the chemistry of the cast and the abundance of goofy comedy.

5 Results (2015)

Two people who ran a gym got caught up in a situation with a newly wealthy man who is far from the ideal candidate for a healthy lifestyle. The three find themselves strangely dependent on each other due to their different issues.

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4 Keanu (2016)

Keanu movie review (2016)

Two friends have become extremely attached to a kitten, and when said feline is taken away, the duo do whatever it takes to get their pet back; even if it means falling into the abyss of the drug business.

Before Jordan Peele became the horror icon he is now, he and Keegan-Michael Key had a legendary partnership that got laughs everywhere in every business they did. Keanu is like their last hurray, as the two pals unload on the mastery of sketch comedy they have, in what plays out like a sketch set over the course of a movie.

3 The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

A depressed young woman struggles to start her career while coping with a recent breakup. When she meets a man in a similar emotional situation, Jessica tries to come to terms with her feelings again.

Actor-directed movies are a sure-fire way to have a good time, as the storyline revolves around the characters rather than the plot in question. Here, the delivery of the actors’ performances is what continues to tickle the funny bone in what is a remarkably well-played feature film. It might have got lost in the huge list of movies available on Netflix, but now is the time for you to check it out.

2 Juliette, nude (2018)

A man’s obsession with a former star musician inadvertently leads his girlfriend to initiate a correspondence with her. With this unlikely friendship comes a potential for a romance to blossom and each character to grow as well.

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The romantic comedies of the current decade had more creativity than there was previously in the genre, and Juliet, nude innovates by shifting the main love story to the benefit of the comedic aspect. He’s deliberately dry in executing his jokes, which fits the theme of the film to bring socially unfit people together. Juliet, nude has escaped the attention of most viewers as the well-known cast has also been involved in a number of mainstream films.

1 Wild Hunt (2016)

A foster child finds himself in the care of his inconsiderate adoptive father who still faces the loss of his wife. When the situation is confused by the authorities, the man and the boy flee into the woods to escape arrest, while approaching each other.

Nestled between Taika Waititi’s popular mainstream films in What we do in the shadows and Thor: Ragnarok, this film was always going to be regarded as secondary compared to these offers. This is not a fair comparison, however, as Wild Hunt is a family comedy that can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s also a heartwarming story of unlikely ties, which carries Taika Waititi’s signature comedy style.

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