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Everyday Review – Alluring, Metempsychotic Teenage Romance | Romance movies

HThis is a weirdly alluring film, adapted by Jesse Andrews from David Levithan’s YA novel of the same name, and directed by Michael Sucsy, which made the miscreant Channing Tatum mourn The Vow. This is really better. I can only describe it as a metempsychotic teenage romance or a high school palingenetic fantasy. It doesn’t […]

Romance films

October Review – the low-key hotel drama honestly deserves its emotion | Romance movies

DDirector Shoojit Sircar has undoubtedly spent many hours in lavish four-star hotels promoting the intriguing and low-key Piku of 2015, and the experience inspired a film that initially threatens to be a Rossellinian departure for mainstream Indian audiences. . For once, the focus isn’t on jet-setters swinging around rooftop pools, but on youngsters cleaning up […]

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4 Best Action Movies of 2018 So Far

Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios/Warner Bros. Thanks to the expansion of the Best Picture category and an overall increase in quality, action movies have become a strong contender when it comes to the Oscars and awards season in general. During the last years, Arrival, madmax, The Martian, Creation, Gravityand Django Unchained all earned nods in the biggest […]