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Review of What Men Want – sassy genre-traded comedy | Comedy movies

Ali Davis (Taraji P Henson, a fabulous physical comedian) is named after boxing champion Muhammad Ali. An outperforming bullet-breaker in a houndstooth skirt suit, she’s hungry to partner in her talent management business but, as a black athletic agent in a white men’s boardroom, runs into “boy club bullshit” and being told by his boss […]

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Benjamin criticizes – Simon Amstell’s barbed wire spirit shines | Drama films

TComedian Simon Amstell is best known as the acerbic former host of BBC2 Don’t mind the Buzzcocks and his sitcom Grandmother’s house. His first semi-autobiographical feature film (following his mock iPlayer 2017 documentary Carnage) turns it into something romantic, revealing a sweet, swift heart beneath the barbed jokes. Benjamin (Colin Morgan, who plays Amstell’s chuckle) […]

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Benjamin Review – The Hilarious Bittersweet Romance of Simon Amstell | Romance movies

SImon Amstell’s funny, charming and irresistibly personal comedy is a nervous romance, in which both parties become Annie Hall. Amstell creates a detailed ecosystem of jokes in the media and film world, and from that cynical backdrop he conjures up a miraculously heartfelt love story that is sweet and poignant in all its awkwardness. Colin […]

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Border: A Nordic Dark Romance With Cinema’s Weirdest Sex Scene | Drama movies

Border is a film so full of strange surprises that it is better to see it without knowing anything about it, and almost impossible to discuss it without spoiler. So if this is the experience you crave, read no further. As its title suggests, Border blurs boundaries. The story begins at a literal boundary – […]

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Examining Borders – Into the woods for a body-horror romance | Romance movies

IIn all its quirk, Ali Abbasi’s film Border is something between a superhero origin myth, police procedure, and body horror romance. It’s about transgression and taboo, crossing borders and crossing boundaries: culturally constructed injustice and socially deplored difference – what anthropologist Mary Douglas called dirt as misplaced matter. The film is based on a short […]