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Support Girls’ Criticism – Heartwarming Drama | Comedy movies

IIt’s not much to see. Double Whammies is a crouching concrete sports bar crouched down by a freeway that screams relentlessly. But for fiercely protective CEO Lisa (Regina Hall), it’s a matter of pride. The institution is, she says, a “generalist” institution; scantily clad girls serving “Big Ass” beers and flirting for the punters form […]

Drama films

We the Animals review – hard times under the sun | Drama films

WOpening in the spirited style of Terrence Malick, documentary director Jeremiah Zagar makes his feature-length debut with this poetic and sensual coming-of-age film about growing up in poverty in rural America. Painfully recounting the lives of three brothers over the course of a year or so as they accumulate scars that they will bear as […]

Drama films

Thunder Road Review – bittersweet portrayal of law and disorder | Drama films

AAt the Sundance Film Festival in January 2016, Jim Cummings, a multitasking force of nature, unveiled a brilliantly excruciating short film about a grieving cop struggling to say goodbye to his mother at her funeral. Inspired by his mother’s love for dancing and Bruce Springsteen, hapless Cummings officer Jim Arnaud expresses his grief through movement […]