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The Farewell Review – a beautifully bittersweet Chinese-American family drama | Drama films

The pushing and pulling between blood ties and cultural ties is explored with a light touch and a keen eye for detail in this delightful, semi-autobiographical family drama from writer and director Lulu Wang. Chinese-American Billi (Awkwafina, relying on her prickly comic turn in crazy rich asians) has one foot in each of the two […]

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10 most underrated comedy movies of the past 20 years

Who doesn’t like to laugh? And one of the best can come from a hilarious movie. While good comedy can be entertaining, there aren’t many original additions to the genre every year, especially in our age of reboots, sequels, and big-budget blockbusters. This is why it is unfortunate that these 10 comedic films have gone […]