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Chained for Life review – smart comedy-horror toys with reality | Drama films

This low budget film written and directed by Aaron Schimberg is almost all sorts of weird, and yet it has a gracious warmth and an endless supply of originality that makes it irresistible as hell. Filled with rambling digressions, sudden changes in tone, and playful pretenses as it oscillates between layers of ‘reality’ and performance, […]

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‘Jexi’ Represents Everything Wrong With Modern Comedies

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore”jexiis a movie about a man who finds himself controlled by a sentient, Siri-like entity named Jexi. of innovative directors could still do a lot to create a decent, if not just bearable, movie-watching experience. “Jexi” clearly had none of those things. It fails in almost every way as a movie […]

Comedy films

5 ’90s Romantic Comedy Movies That Are Grossly Underrated (& 5 That Are Overrated)

The romantic comedy is making a slow but steady comeback these days. Yet back in the 1990s, it seemed like a new romantic comedy — or “romcom,” for short — was coming out every week. However, there was a significant decrease in their numbers during the 2000s and beyond. The heyday of romantic comedy was […]

Drama films

Corpus Christi Review – from parole to priesthood | Drama movies

Often moving but also disturbing and even intermittently funny, this drama unfolds a spiritual parable uniquely Polish but accessible to all. Bartosz Bielenia, an actor with searing blue eyes and the ability to be so still it’s as if he could freeze the frame on his own, plays Daniel, a young ne’er good from Warsaw […]

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5 action movies from the ’80s that are well underrated (& 5 that are overrated)

When it comes to action movies, the ’80s were a really big decade for the genre. While there certainly had been action movies before this era, the ’80s introduced many influential aspects of the genre. Stunts grew, heroes became one-man armies, and the boyfriend-cop formula took off. RELATED: 5 Action Movies From The 90s That […]

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Good Posture review – coldly comedic tale of love and lies | comedy movies

Aactor turned writer-director Trolley pit debuts this light, sleek, lo-fi indie comedy, a tale of self-doubting but privileged cultured/artistic twenty-somethings in Brooklyn, New York, set in the style of Noah Baumbach or Lena Dunham. Wells’ chillingly indirect way with dialogue keeps the film from becoming overpowering as it might have in other hands. It’s like […]