Comedy films

Greener Grass review – weird and impassive satire of the sunny suburbs | Comedy movies

Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe are Los Angeles comedians and veterans of the improv group Upright Citizens Brigade Theater who are now making their debut as writer-director-stars of this painstakingly deadpan suburban satire inhabited by people from a spotlessly clean with notes from Stepford and Todd Solondz. The title may lead you to think it’s […]

Action films

Ford vs. Ferrari: James Mangold explains why studio action movies are bad

Mangold avoided the drama-less green screen and sensory overload that he said has hollowed out big-budget commercial filmmaking. [Editor’s Note: This article is presented by the Apple TV app. Watch some of this year’s contenders here.] “Ford v Ferrari” has been called a throwback, a throwback to classic Hollywood cinema that we’ve seen less and […]

Romance films

Someone, Somewhere review – slow-burning Parisian therapy romance | Romance movies

MMuch like the process of psychotherapy, patience is required to achieve results while watching this modestly entertaining slow-burning Parisian romance from Cedric Klapisch, who pulls off a cute trick by shaking up the cute encounter at the end of the movie. What happens before its protagonists blink is a kind of emotional spring cleaning. Both […]

Comedy films

Last Christmas Review – Emma Thompson’s romantic comedy is a stuffed turkey | comedy movies

SSomewhere in the last decade audiences, and in turn financiers, fell in love with the London romantic comedy, a subgenre that had almost single-handedly kept the British film industry alive, or at least somewhat lucrative. They were repetitive, predictable, and filled with characters that were exclusively, uncomfortably, classy and white, but they were also undeniably […]