Comedy films

6 upcoming Hollywood comedies in 2020 that will make your stomach ache from laughing

The world, as we know, needs a laugh once in a while, especially now, when the new world order creates a stark imbalance between good and evil. So to soothe and calm the mind, visual entertainment is all right, and when it’s truly hilarious, it lifts the spirits. So, without wasting time, we are going […]

Comedy films

Detective Chinatown 3 review – majestically crazy crime buddy-cop | Comedy movies

AChinese cinema’s most wacky buddy-comedy action franchise is now in stage three, and after a period of bewilderment, I began to appreciate its eccentric hyperactivity. The two wacky Chinese cops, Qin Feng (Haoran Liu) and Tang Ren (Baoqiang Wang), have already recorded a few mishaps in Bangkok for the first film and in New York […]

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Revue La Dolce Vita – a sexy and surreal masterpiece of modernity | Drama movies

For a vertiginous moment of the disoriented post-war period, cinema and Federico Fellini put Rome at the center of the world; now his first 1960 masterpiece, La Dolce Vita, is being reissued as part of a retrospective at London’s BFI Southbank to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. It’s a film with Fellini’s genius […]