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Secondary Characters Review – Getting Around, Looking For Love | comedy movies

BEnjamin Verrall’s film is a quirky, low-key but fundamentally underpowered British independent film set in Lewes, East Sussex, and although it never really came to life as a film, there is has good times. It could work well as a pilot for a TV series. Tony (Steve Watts) is a sweet, sensitive middle-aged man without […]

Comedy films

List of Ryan Reynolds’ comedy movies that haven’t done well at the box office

Ryan Reynolds is one of the world’s most beloved actors. One of the main reasons for his ever-growing fandom is his lively and humorous offscreen character. the dead Pool star has been part of multiple movies and genres. His original portrayal of the characters draws audiences to theaters, but some comedy films haven’t done well […]

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4 Black Romance Films (Other Than “The Photograph”) To Watch This Valentine’s Day

The photograph, starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield, is the go-to movie of choice for this vacation. The photograph follows Michael from Stanfield and Mae from Rae as they cross paths and delve into the past of Mae’s late mother. Affection grows between them as they perceive the mysteries of Mae’s mother’s life. It’s not […]

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10 Best Guilty Pleasure Action Movies

Who doesn’t love a good old cheesy action movie? Similar to the horror and sci-fi genres, many action movies tend to contain a bit of cheesiness, implausibility, and over-the-top bombshell. While there are plenty of other well-crafted, nuanced films that fall under this umbrella, there’s certainly no shortage of what can be considered “guilty pleasures.” […]

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Plus One review – Weddings romcom has seen it all | Romance movies

HIt is a go-anywhere romantic comedy from first-time feature film directors Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer, co-writers of the Hulu PEN15 television comedy, in which star Maya Erskine takes the lead female role. This is a mix of four wedding formulas and a funeral and my best friend’s wedding. Erskine plays Alice, an intelligent Japanese-American […]