Action films

James Gunn shares his list of the best action movies to watch right now

| james gunn has been very active on social media during all that’s been going on, sharing all sorts of information about movies he’s made and are in the process of making, as well as recommendations on movies to watch while we’re all at the House. On Twitter, he shared a list of 54 action […]

Action films

Top 10 action movies to watch on Disney Plus

Disney+ has one of the largest collections of movies on the ott platforms; one of the libraries contains action movies available on disney+. IT has a huge range from animation to live action movies. So without further ado, here is the list of action movies available to stream on Disney+.The list is as follows; 1.Avatar […]

Action films

10 female-led action movies you should watch before Black Widow

Like many movies of 2020, Black Widow has been removed from the publication schedule due to the coronavirus outbreak. While a new release date hasn’t been set, that hasn’t stopped fans from getting excited about the film. RELATED: 10 Fantastic Spy Movies To Watch Before Black Widow & Falcon & The Winter Soldier Black Widow […]

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The best romantic comedy movies

I blame my love of romantic comedies on my dad. A fervent advocate that all of life’s problems could be solved in 90 minutes of cute encounters, witty banter, and happy endings, I’ve long revered at the altars of Nora Ephron, Richard Curtis, and Garry Marshall. While my love of romantic comedies never wavered — […]