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The Secret: Dare to Dream review – hokey soap for wish fulfillment | Drama films

The key premise of Rhonda Byrne’s mystical self-help blockbuster, The Secret, is that if you really desire and think about something hard enough, it will eventually show up. If it follows then somewhere deep in America, one of the book’s many superfans was about to burst a blood vessel while viewing a $ 20 rental […]

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Stage Mother review – feelgood drag flick falls flat | Comedy movies

Jacki Weaver’s Maybelline Metcalf is a tough Texas mom bear and choir director at her small town church, perfectly suited to the Australian actor’s natural matriarchal authority. “I’m not storming, I’m flying,” said Maybelline. Her maternal instincts take center stage when her estranged gay son suddenly dies and she ends up inheriting her failing dating […]

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Charlize Theron says there has been a ‘facelift’ for action films featuring women (video)

Action movie tough guy Charlize Theron says there haven’t always been opportunities for women to thrive in action movies, but there has been a recent ‘facelift’ for women. female action stars that turns him on. “Thirty years ago there weren’t a lot of opportunities for women to make action movies, and the first time that […]

Comedy films

Spy Intervention Critique – A Film With No Quantum of Comfort | Comedy movies

IIt has long been complained that all great rewards go to tragic drama, while comedy, especially farce, is much more difficult to achieve. Nothing illustrates this truism as well as Spy Intervention. Presumably, this is a spoof of spy and marital romance movies – except without any of the cool gadgets, sense of danger, charm, […]

Comedy films

Review Come As You Are – a journey without sentimentalism | Comedy movies

Scotty is a virgin. Paraplegic from birth, he blames his disability for his lack of success with the ladies. But, as his brutally candid friends point out, the main reason Scotty fails to score is his horrid personality. A remake of the Belgian comedy-drama Hasta la vista, Come as you are is a quick and […]

Drama films

Review of Saint Frances – ironic, tender and anti-taboo drama | Drama movies

Rwatching Eliza Hittman’s powerfully understated drama Never Rarely Sometimes Always in this article recently, I noted that by tackling the pressing subject of reproductive rights through the prism of a coming-of-age story with road-movie inflections, Hittman’s film avoided sounding polemical. So does this terrific (and very different) feature from writer and star Kelly O’Sullivan, a […]

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Litigant Review – a tender account of private lives and public scandal | Drama movies

Jthere is enormous tenderness in this drama of disillusionment from Colombian director Franco Lolli – but also an extremely callous sense of seriousness and the pain of life. In the lead role, Lolli has cast a non-professional: her cousin, author and scholar Carolina Sanín, and she’s remarkable. With each gesture, each pout of weary patience, […]

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Palm Springs Review – A Wacky Time-Loop Romantic Comedy Recycles Reckless Pleasures | Comedy movies

TDuring this puzzling and unsettling time, trapped inside as a deadly pandemic rages on, many of us have found ourselves compulsively and strangely gorging on films that confront the practicalities and horrors involved in a sort of now too familiar apocalypse. Not just those that suddenly seem timely, like the viral thriller-turned-compelling docudrama Contagion, but […]