Comedy films

Spyglass forms Artists Road joint venture for comedy films

Spyglass Media Group has partnered with Propagate Content, Artists First and Off-Road Productions to form Artists Road as a new comedy film joint venture. The companies unveiled the alliance on Wednesday, announcing that Artists Road will focus on developing, financing and producing low-budget commercial comedy films with the biggest names in the genre. Spyglass Media […]

Drama films

Philophobia review – pretentious and lascivious coming of age story | Drama films

TThe surprise hit of After We Collided may herald a box office trend for the romantic drama YA, but this debut feature is ill-suited to capitalize on. Although this is another contemporary tale of teenage lovers, Philophobia comes from a bygone era to which we must never return. Joshua Glenister plays Kai, an aspiring writer […]

Action films

Jackie Chan will no longer make American action films because he was offered the same roles

PA images / New line cinema Movie star Jackie Chan has vowed to stop making American films because he continues to be cataloged. The legendary action hero, 66, may not have appeared in any major Hollywood movies lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s not yet incredibly active in the movie world – he just chose […]

Comedy films

The Climb Review – a hilarious and realistic bromance | Comedy movies

I laughed hysterically during the opening scene of The Climb, the brilliantly original indie bromance by Michael Angelo Covino. The setting is France, where two Americans – best friends since childhood – are on vacation by bike. Mike (played by Covino) is head to toe in Lycra, loathing cycling terminology. His distorted friend Kyle (co-writer […]

Drama films

South Terminal Review – Powerful Dispatch of Civil War | Drama films

FFranco-Algerian filmmaker Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche sends us a dispatch of a civil war with Terminal Sud, an intriguing and somewhat abstract drama about a country sinking into chaos. The facts on the ground seem to agree with the Algerian civil war of the 90s, the so-called “black decade” which claimed over 100,000 lives. But the film […]