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Exam begins – Jehovah’s Witness attacked in Georgia | Drama films

gGeorgian writer-director Dea Kulumbegashvili’s fierce debut feature film about a Jehovah’s Witness whose faith is being tested opens with an act of hostility. The camera observes from a fixed point at the back of a Kingdom Hall as the space fills up and the blinds are finally drawn. A few minutes after the start of […]

Drama films

10 Best Drama Movies of 2021 – Most Anticipated Drama Movies of 2021

Elaine chung To be frank, the start of the year is usually pretty devoid of solid drama flicks. Let’s explain why: The Oscars deadline usually requires a theatrical release early in the year, which means the big hitters we’ve come to expect from the dramatic canon are already out. Then COVID-19 happened. That date was […]

Drama films

Persian Lessons Review – A Hard-To-Believe Holocaust Survival Drama | Drama films

HIt is a Holocaust survival drama superbly performed, albeit disturbingly politely, by Ukrainian filmmaker Vadim Perelman. This is the story of a Belgian Jew named Gilles (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart), who stays alive in a transit camp pretending to be half Iranian and teaching Farsi to a savage SS officer, Klaus Koch (Lars Eidinger). In truth, […]

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Liam Neeson says he will retire from action films soon – Guardian Life – The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Through Michel Bamidele January 16, 2021 | 8:05 am Liam Neeson has announced that he will be retiring from the action genre soon after finishing with “a few more” films already in the works. The 68-year-old actor, who enjoyed a career rebirth after starring in the action thriller “Taken,” told Entertainment Tonight that after this […]

Action films

Liam Neeson retires from action movies, admits he’ll miss beating guys half his age

Liam Neeson in an interview revealed that he will be retiring from action movies soon. “I am 68 and a half years old,” Liam told an international daily. Neeson said he is already working on “a few more” in 2021 and will no longer take assignments involving stocks. Liam admitted that he will miss “beating […]

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Daniel criticizes – the terrifying story of an Isis captive | Drama films

oht over the past two decades Danish cinema has increasingly proven to have a strong aptitude for emotional and nuanced drama and intelligent engagement, especially through the making of documentaries, with conflicts abroad. This feature film inspired by a true story, from fellow director Niels Arden Oplev (who directed the original film Girl With the […]

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10 comedy movies for After Dark on Amazon Prime

We Watch A Bunch Of “Adult” Comedy Movies That Are Worth Seeing Amazon Prime Video including At loggerheads, Inglourious Basterds, and Parasite. Knives out look now (leaving Amazon Prime on January 20, 2021) Writer-director Rian Johnson evokes memories of the absurd brilliantly The Bloom Brothers in his return to quirky, idiosyncratic comedy. Knives out follows […]

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Action and Science Fiction Films to Win at Critics Choice Super Awards | Buckler airtime

Superhero movies make money. Horror movies too. Science fiction movies are known to be blockbusters. Just ask “Star Wars” fans to check it out. And comic book-based movies are also known to do great things at the box office. When it comes to the rewards, however, these movies always seem to fall through the cracks. […]

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Ham on Rye Review – Subversive Satire on Suburban Conformity | Drama films

FFirst feature director Tyler Taormina dreamed of making his way into a very strange and intriguing film: a Gen-Z reverie about life and fate, somewhere between The Prom and The Purge. The movie never behaves like it’s more than a realistic coming-of-age drama, but something else happens. Haley (Haley Bodell) is part of a clique […]

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Sylvie’s Love Review – Tessa Thompson Captivates In Jazzy Romance | Romance movies

Sylvie (Tessa Thompson) learned from her mother to stand with her shoulders back and chin up, like a real lady. Undetected, she’s considerably looser, freer, groove to See You Later, Bill Haley’s Alligator in the back of her father’s record store. It’s this uninhibited joy that catches the attention of struggling jazz saxophonist Robert (NFL […]