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Shinichi ‘Sonny’ Chiba changed Japanese action movies

Shinichi Chiba, better known to fans overseas as “Sonny” Chiba, first rose to prominence in the West as Japan’s response to Bruce Lee. As a martial arts master who protects a wealthy heiress from potential kidnappers in the 1974 action “The Street Fighter”, Chiba fought with a coiled style and heavily charged intensity that echoed […]

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Vacation Friends Reviews – Loud Summer Comedy Fails | Comedy movies

There’s a tense sense of desperation behind the raw summer comedy title Vacation Friends seeping into the movie itself, the bullish insistence that, yes, Vacation Friends is a phrase people use frequently is as disturbing as assuming that something as totally disposable as Vacation Friends must exist right now. There’s a fair amount of migraine-causing […]

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10 animated TV shows that would make great live-action movies

While Disney has turned several of its popular animated films into live performances, many of its animated TV shows have great potential to receive a similar treatment. Over the years, the company has created vast fantasy lands, intriguing spy adventures, and fascinating school getaways (among other things). RELATED: Which Retro Disney and Nickelodeon Channel Had […]

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‘The Protege’ understood the mission and studied past action movies

printable versionSend the page to a friendPDF version Evaluation: 4.0/5.0 CHICAGO – I always thought that the line between being a spy and an assassin has always been fine. Both kill people on someone else’s orders. They are still highly trained in combat and gun-fu. Chances are, they’re absolutely charming and exceptionally attractive because the […]

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10 gripping crime and courtroom drama movies based on real life

Looking for more movies with captivating and intriguing storylines? If you’ve browsed the most notable fictional movies with such thrilling stories, then maybe you should check out the ones that are actually based on real life! Of course, their writers don’t have the full freedom of fictional screenwriters, but the stories in these movies wouldn’t […]

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Jean-Claude Van Damme’s new movie pokes fun at his’ 90s action flicks

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Netflix action comedy The Last Mercenary pokes fun at his first fame in action films, including elements from his’ 90s films. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s new Netflix action comedy The last mercenary pokes fun at some elements of his fame at the start of the action movie. Van Damme’s career really took off […]

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I’m Your Man review – domestic happiness with a humanoid | Comedy movies

The last thing academic Alma (Maren Eggert) wants, following a messy breakup with a colleague, is a man. But in order to secure funds for her own research, she is persuaded to participate in an essay: for three weeks she has to live with Tom (a skillful comedic performance by Downton Abbey ‘s Dan Stevens), […]

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Review: “Escape From Mogadishu”, one of the best action movies of the summer

In the South Korean film “Escape From Mogadishu”, North Korean and South Korean representatives attempt to flee Somalia. Photo: WellGo United States Most American moviegoers probably know very little about Somalia’s collapse into unrest and civil war in the early 1990s, and what they do know they learned from Ridley’s “Black Hawk Down” Scott. Now […]

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Highly anticipated upcoming action movies from the South – NewsGram

By comparing prime numbers to composite numbers, which consist of three parts: one, the number and again the number, prime numbers only have two components. Follow NewsGram on Instagram to stay up to date. A composite number is an all-natural number that can be divided by more than two whole numbers when multiplied by each […]

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Live-action movie cartoon spin-offs you might not know existed

There was a weird trend that started in the ’70s when live entertainment started to bleed into Saturday morning cartoons for kids. Show as Happy Days gave us a cartoon featuring the Fonz. Levern and Shirley in the same way Mork and Mindy also maintained this trend. Then in the early to mid-1980s, popular films […]