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Streaming: Another Round and other great alcohol films | Drama films

WWhen it comes to dealing with onscreen alcohol consumption, movies tend to fall into one of two categories: dark-faced portrayals of the dangers of alcoholism or gleefully drunk comedies. in which alcohol produces a chain of hijinks. It is by falling precisely halfway between these two bar stools that the wonderful and Oscar-winning Thomas Vinterberg […]

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Eight Best Action Movies On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video To Leave You On The Edge Of Your Seats

Everyone needs the thrill of watching great action movies and when it comes to entertaining content, the lack of options is never a problem these days. With Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offering a vast catalog of movies ranging from originals and classics to animated films, comedy and sci-fi, there is something for everyone, regardless […]

Action films

Hopes for the big screen turn to upcoming action films

Frightened by the pandemic and streaming platforms, the struggling movie industry called for new “Ghostbusters” and “Spider-Man” movies as it vowed to strike back at a major business summit in Las Vegas Monday. CinemaCon – which typically sees Hollywood studios bringing glitzy stars and never-before-seen footage to a Las Vegas casino to woo theater bosses […]