Action films

Why John Wick Movies Are America’s Greatest Action Movies

Die Hard, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Speed, Kill Bill, Lethal Weapon. These films are just a few of the many great action films of our time, films that have managed to stand the test of time and can still be viewed today. While all of these movies are great on their own, I’m here to […]

Drama films

Drive My Car Review – Supremely Confident Adaptation by Haruki Murakami | Drama films

A The stage actor mourning the sudden death of his wife and accepting his many betrayals forges a bond with the emotionally closed young woman who is hired to drive him to a residency in Hiroshima. It’s the heart of a curvy, looping plot, but this alluring adaptation of a Haruki Murakami short story is […]

Drama films

As fans wait for “Prithviraj,” here are six period drama films starring Akshay Kumar

Bollywood “Khiladi” Akshay Kumar has spanned all genres of the acting spectrum throughout his illustrious three-decade career. From comedy to horror, the actor has immortalized several roles in his career. The actor recently announced the release of his upcoming period drama titled Prithviraj in front of Manushi Chhillar. Trying out the role of Samrat Prithviraj […]

Comedy films

Sai Pallavi wants to work in comedy films

Hyderabad: Telugu actress Sai Pallavi has become a household name not only in the Malayalam and Tamil film industry but also in the Telugu film industry with her hits ranging from “Fida” to her latest film “Love Story”. Although not from Telangana, the actor is considered an ace of the characters of a local Telangana […]

Comedy films

Home Sweet Home Alone Review – A Surprisingly Funny Festive Sequel | Comedy movies

Ta very unorthodox setup of the 1990 Christmas staple Home alone – parents so worried about getting a flight on time that they would somehow leave their bloodthirsty eight-year-old son behind behind – was at odds with its shocking success, such a big success (its gross $ 476 million would now be around $ 1 […]

Drama films

The Card Counter Review – Don’t Bet On It | Drama films

WWith its troubled lone protagonist lurking in a shady nocturnal underworld, this grimy tale of a former con-man turned pro gamer is the archetypal Paul Schrader material. And in Oscar Isaac’s enigmatic blackjack player “William Tell,” with his wary hooded eyes and closed face, the film has a brooding central performance. So it’s a shame […]

Drama films

Spencer review – portrait of a princess on edge | Drama films

In 2013, the famous German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel (director of Fall) turned the stormy life of the Princess of Wales into a farce with Diane, a shabby soap opera featuring a bowed-head, long-haired Naomi Watts reciting platitudes from the pages of Hi! magazine. In contrast, the thematic play by Chilean director Pablo Larraín to his […]

Romance films

Love Hard review – Netflix’s Christmas romcom is easy to love | Romance movies

IIt might not be until early November, but it’s already the season for Netflix to litter its hallways with branches of cheap Christmas content, the most obvious time of year for the streamer to model themselves on. the Lifetime and Hallmark channels, a strategy that is undoubtedly, somewhat depressing, paying off. The Truly Miserable A […]