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The most anticipated action movies of 2022

Hopefully in 2022 we can finally walk into a movie theatre, buy some popcorn, and shoot some of the action movies we’ve been most looking forward to this year, but have been postponed for obvious reasons. I’m mostly talking about Top Gun: Maverick, Wick jeans 4 And Mission: Impossible 7, which we should have seen […]

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Best Christmas Love Movies To Watch This Holiday Season According To The Met Film School

It’s finally time to turn off work email notifications, hang up school uniforms, and relax with a classic Christmas movie as the big day approaches. Read more Read more Where to see Santa Claus in Leeds in 2021? Santa Claus caves, elves and events near my home … With less than a week before Christmas, […]

Romance films

Best Christmas romance movies to watch this festive season, according to the Met Film School

It’s finally time to turn off the work email notifications, hang up the school uniforms, and kick back with a classic Christmas movie as the big day approaches. Read more Read more Where to see Santa Claus in Leeds in 2021? Santa’s caves, elves and events near me… With Christmas less than a week away, […]

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Nine Days review – deep supernatural drama | Drama movies

SNever behind his wire-rimmed glasses but more emotionally engaged than he’d like to admit, Will (Winston Duke) bears a great responsibility. During a nine-day screening process, he interviews potential “souls,” all vying for a single opportunity – to be born and embark on a life on Earth. This inventive and audacious debut feature by the […]

Action films

Spider-Man No Way Home: Ranking all of the Webhead’s live-action movies ahead of Tom Holland’s upcoming Marvel movie!

Spider-Man is currently one of the most popular characters across all medium. Whether it’s live-action, video games, comics, and animation, Spider-Man has had one of the best of recent years. This Thursday, we are entitled to Spider-Man: No Path Home, the third film in Tom Holland’s trilogy. The fanfare for this film has been extremely […]

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Lamb reviews – Iceland’s sheep thrills | Drama movies

On a farm in rural Iceland, Pétur (Björn Hlynur Haraldsson) visits his brother Ingvar (Hilmir Snær Guðnason). Expecting to have lunch with Ingvar and his wife, Maria (Noomi Rapace), he is puzzled by a third guest at the table. “What the fuck is this is it?” he asks. Audiences might just ask the same throughout […]

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From Mappillai to Guru Sishyan, Thalaivar’s comedies to see

Rajinikanth. Does he need to be introduced? Superstar Rajinikanth has ruled the Indian film industry for more than four decades with his unmatched aura and acting prowess. On December 12, Rajinikanth will be one year older. Laureate Padma Bhushan is the second highest grossing actor in Tamil cinema history after MG Ramachandran. Rajinikanth began his […]

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Dating Review – Riz Ahmed Shines in Sophisticated Alien Invasion Thriller | Drama films

ohOtherworldly sci-fi meets down-to-earth psychological realism in director and co-writer Michael Pearce’s awe-inspiring sequel to the Brilliant of 2017 The beast. Boasting another remarkable performance by Riz Ahmed, whose nuances are superbly amplified by Jed Kurzel’s slowly changing score, this is a genre affair, balanced between tangible personal experience and growing paranoia, a touching mix […]

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How and where to start

Netflix is ​​all in when it comes to bringing some of the biggest anime franchises to life in a whole new way, with Cowboy Bebop hitting the platform earlier this fall and the streaming service set to launch. tastes of One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho and Avatar the Last Airbender in the future. With the […]

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All the Way Single Review – Netflix’s First Gay Christmas Romcom | Romance movies

WWhen the likable 2018 teen film Love, Simon hit audiences on an unprecedented scale, a common retort was that it wasn’t quite weird quite. YA’s brilliant story of a suburban teenager with white bread coming to terms with his sexuality was chosen for his sanitized worldview of PG-13 and his storytelling according to the books, […]