Drama films

Top 10 drama movies of the 2000s

With the growth of CGI and special effects capabilities, the new millennium has seen an increase in superhero, action, and science fiction films. However, there were also plenty of dramatic movies that demanded attention. RELATED: Top 10 ’90s Adventure Movies Compared to dramas of past eras, those of the 2000s had much more impact. Many […]

Romance films

Teen Romance Movies That Couldn’t Be Made Today

Teen romance movies are a great way to experience or relive the highs and lows of first love. From early crushes to first kisses, teen romance movies have a timeless spirit that everyone can appreciate, though some may be tied to the era in which they were made. Many of these movies are considered classics, […]

Comedy films

The 10 Best Darkest Comedy Movies About The Rich

How can a filmmaker denounce unfair socio-economic class differences? Black comedy is the answer. A dark comedy is a film, play, or other creative work that uses humor to address tragic or upsetting subject matter. The genre has been established for decades, and filmmakers have skillfully used it to expose troubling social concerns like capitalism […]

Comedy films

Bollywood horror comedies create box office ruckus

Time will tell how the Bhoot Phone performs at the box office. But before that, today we are going to tell you about those comedic horror movies that have managed to earn a place in the hearts of the public. Akshay Kumar starring in this film was a horror comedy. Akshay’s acting in the film […]

Action films

‘Wakanda’ Aims to Evoke ’90s Action Movies

wonder As promotion for Marvel’s ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ is in full swing, writer-director Ryan Coogler recently spoke about his efforts on the film to balance both epic scope and a deeply personal story. Talk with slashfilmhe says the goal of the film was for audiences to feel like they were watching a “breathtaking action […]