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26 best romantic movies on Netflix


How often are you in the mood for a good romantic movie? If your answer was something like “365 days of the year”, we totally got it. And luckily, Netflix too! The streaming platform needs to understand our need to live vicariously through fictional yet unforgettable love stories and entanglements, as they just added some amazing new romance movies to their already vast selection.

Whether you’re looking for a few laughs with a rom-com or maybe a good cry with a sad romance flick, Netflix has you covered. We’ve created a list that encompasses both of these genres, plus a few more for good measure. A movie like 2 hearts will, no doubt, bring those tears to your face. (You might want to start looking for a good waterproof mascara if you haven’t already!) But don’t worry: you can heal your broken heart by watching a hilarious romantic comedy like Good on paper Where A good person.

Browse through these options and pick a few to add to your list of the best romantic movies to stream. When you’re done, share your thoughts in the comments below!

1 out of 26

The royal treatment

When a New York hairstylist gets a job at a palace across the world, she stumbles upon a romance she never imagined possible.


2 out of 26

love strong

Finding love on a dating app can be hit or miss. For this LA writer, it’s both. Being catfished by a guy who lives across the country might actually have worked in his (and hers) favor!


3 out of 26

The last letter from your lover

Who doesn’t love a good forbidden love story? This one is about a reporter who begins an investigation after stumbling across a cache of secret love letters from 1965. Oh, and she gets a little distracted along the way with her own romance!


4 out of 26

2 hearts

When the lives of four strangers finally connect through a life-changing event, they realize they may not be alone in the world after all. We can hardly believe this one is based on a true story, which makes this watch even better.


5 out of 26

Long story short

Wow, time flies! This is especially true for this Australian, who discovers the day after his wedding that every few minutes, his life jumps a year.


6 out of 26

Good on paper

What happens when a stand-up comedian meets a hedge fund manager who seems perfect…at least on paper? Well, we get a romantic comedy that gives the word “catfishing” a whole new meaning.


seven out of 26


A cowboy in a traveling rodeo falls in love with a small-town girl. But before they can seal the deal, he must convince his counselor father.


8 out of 26

love in fact

It’s simple: these eight couples only want love. What is not so simple: finding their happiness forever just in time for Christmas.


9 out of 26

When Harry Met Sally

Can men and women ever truly just to be platonic friends? Harry and Sally explore this timeless question in this Nora Ephron classic that set the standard for modern romantic comedies.


ten out of 26

love jacked

The last thing Maya wants to do is disappoint her father. So, when her engagement is called off, she returns from Africa with another fiancé. Just not a real one. 😬


11 out of 26

You’ve got mail

Before there were dating apps, there was email. These two spark an online romance, blissfully unaware that they are rivals in real life.


12 out of 26

Our souls at night

Hollywood legends Robert Redford and Jane Fonda play a widow and a widower who come together in their grief and end up finding romance when they least expect it.


13 out of 26


This budding singer was dumped by her boyfriend once he found success. When a failing record executive discovers his talent at a bar, the two form a bond as they begin work on his debut album.


14 out of 26

Sierra Burgess is a loser

“Sorry, you got the wrong number! That’s probably how this teenager should have reacted when a talented sportsman texted her thinking she was someone else. Instead, she teams up with a popular cheerleader as they try to win over their crush.


15 out of 26


When this 30-something New Yorker is sent to Barcelona for work, she makes it a girls’ trip by bringing her two best friends. They become the ultimate hype women as she sparks an affair with a hit DJ.


16 out of 26

Midnight Sun

This teenager is fatally allergic to the sun and it is a secret that she hides from her new love. Can she get away with only seeing him at night?


17 out of 26

You irreplaceable


A couple who have known each other since childhood are destined to be together forever, until one of them is diagnosed with cancer. Prepare to cry (a lot) as you follow their shared journey to find new love.

18 out of 26

Silver Linings Playbook


After spending time in a mental institution, Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) ends up living with his parents as he tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Then he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) and everything changes.

19 out of 26

The perfect date


A high school student desperate to go to the college of his dreams creates an app to offer his services as a fake date. He’s mastered the art of being everyone but himself, until a date becomes more real than he ever imagined.

20 out of 26

To all the boys I’ve loved before


A teenage girl’s telltale love letters are accidentally mailed to five of her childhood crushes, including her sister’s ex-boyfriend, wreaking havoc on her life.

21 out of 26

All the bright places


Violet and Theodore are an unlikely couple with one thing in common: they have a very painful past. Together, the young couple discovers that even the most unlikely places can mean something.

22 out of 26

A good person


It’s the perfect movie to watch after a breakup. A good person follows the adventures of a young woman who has just been dumped by her longtime boyfriend and recruits her two best friends for one last adventure in New York before moving away.

23 out of 26

Hostel love fall


When a corporate executive wins a run-down New Zealand inn, the foreign repairman turns out to be more than she bargained for.

24 out of 26

To all the boys: PS I still love you


After dealing with the drama of her exposed letters, Lara Jean’s (Lana Condor) love life has never been better. But everything changes when the recipient of her last letter appears in this charming sequel.

25 out of 26



Two overworked assistants in the same apartment building hatch a plan to make their overbearing bosses fall in love and finally get their backs off their backs.

26 out of 26

Always be my maybe


A pair of childhood sweethearts go 15 years without speaking, but discover the spark is still there when they reconnect as adults.

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