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32 best romantic movies on Netflix 2022

Are you looking for something to distract you from the long winter days? Well, there’s no better way to escape the cold and snow than with the warmth of a romantic movie that will take you to a world of chivalry and love. Fortunately, Netflix is ​​full of great romantic comedies right now. Here, find all of the best romantic picks you can stream on Netflix right now.


To all the boys I’ve loved before

If you don’t think To all the boys I’ve loved before the second you hear “romantic movies” and “Netflix” what do you think of? Seriously, TATBILB is one of Netflix’s most iconic romantic films, so it should always be a staple.


To all the boys I’ve loved before: PS I still love you

Again, if you snuggle up for a romantic movie marathon, the TATB franchise is the obvious choice. The second installment finds Lara Jean and Peter officially official, but things get complicated when another crush receives one of Lara Jean’s love letters and comes back into her life.


To all the boys: always and forever

This is the senior year during the last chapter of the TATB trilogy. After returning from a family trip to Korea, Lara Jean must reflect on her college plans – either staying with Peter at Stanford or moving across the country to attend New York University. The question remains: will her relationship with Peter survive long distance?



Tessa is a freshman, excited to be going alone for the first time. Things get complicated, however, when she meets rebel Hardin Scott. Eventually, she enters into a passionate relationship with Hardin which ends up teaching him a lot about herself and the world around her.


After we collide

After we collide pick up where After interrupted, following Tessa and Hardin the day after their breakup. Tessa lands an internship at Vance Publishing, where she meets her cute new coworker, Trevor (played by Dylan Sprouse). But even though she tries to get away from Hardin, Tessa can’t resist the intense connection they share.

I love the first two After movie theater ? The third film in the franchise, After we fell, will be available to stream on January 17th. The last opus, After always happy, will be released in theaters on September 7, 2022.


The last summer

KJ Apa longs for Maia Mitchell in this adorable flick about a bunch of high school kids together last summer before they all head off to college in the fall.


Life as we know it

After their disastrous first date, Holly and Eric never want to see each other again, but when they unexpectedly become their goddaughter Sophie’s guardians, they have to work together to raise the baby while trying to get along. Hint: they do.


Dear John

This one’s Nicholas Sparks, so you know it’s gonna be good. John and Savannah fall in love just as John is sent off for military service. The two keep in touch through letters as they try to make their long-distance relationship work.



Two strangers, played by Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, are tired of being single for the holidays and always being judged by their families. After meeting at a mall and learning about their mutual disregard for the holidays, the two agree to be the most of each other for the rest of the year’s celebrations. It seems like a foolproof solution, that is, until real feelings start to surface.


About the weather

When Tim discovers he can time travel, he uses his newfound skill to woo Mary and make sure everything goes perfectly. But, when the going gets tough, Tim learns that the more he tries to change the past, the more he’s going to ruin the future he’s already made.


Always be my maybe

Childhood lovers Sasha and Marcus reconnect after 15 years of being apart, but can the two move past their totally different worlds and finally make things work?


Something borrowed

Rachel and Darcy are best friends for life. Dex is Darcy’s fiancé. Dex is Also Rachel’s longtime crush from law school. Complicated? Very. But things get even more complicated when Rachel finds herself in bed with Dex after a drunken night.



Eighteen-year-old Penny has had a crush on Johnny for years and she finally gets a chance with him, but when musician Ash comes to town things get tough.


Go with that

Plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee meets the woman of his dreams, Palmer, but tells her he’s an unhappy married man who is divorcing (his usual plan to meet women). When Palmer insists on meeting his future ex-wife, Danny asks his loyal longtime assistant, Katherine, to pose as her. Soon Katherine’s children are embroiled in the lie and Danny begins to realize that his connection with Katherine may be deeper than he once thought.


Ghosts of girlfriends from the past

While attending his younger brother’s wedding, Connor, a longtime single and engagement phobe, is visited by ghosts from his former girlfriends. After being guided through a memory of his failed relationships, Connor is determined to win back the one who ran away.


The Princess Switch

Everyone knows that Christmas is the most romantic time of the year! When Stacy and Lady Margaret decide to change places to get a taste of each other’s lives, they can’t help but fall in love with the other’s man.


Let it snow

Another romantic Christmas movie, and this one features all of your favorites. When a snowstorm hits a small town on Christmas Eve, a group of high school students get together and by the time the snow clears everything has changed.


Back home

After separating from her husband, Alice returns to her hometown with her two daughters for a fresh start. Three young filmmakers, including Harry, Alice’s boyfriend, move into her guesthouse. Alice and Harry’s burgeoning romance continues to grow, only to be interrupted by the unexpected arrival of her ex-husband.


Alex strangelove

Alex seems to have it all and he thinks he’s ready to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, until he meets a guy, and he realizes that life isn’t that simple.


A christmas prince

Netflix has killed it with Christmas movies in recent years and A christmas prince pretty much it all started. The best part? There are two more movies after you finish this one!


The knight before Christmas

Yes, this is another Christmas movie starring Vanessa Hudgens, but it’s as romantic as The princess switch, and this one involves a magnificent knight 😉.


Fool’s gold

This romantic action comedy follows recently divorced couple Finn and Tess, who rekindle their romance while searching for a lost treasure in the Bahamas.


Half of it

Ellie Chu grew a small business by writing essays for her classmates. When jock Paul asks Ellie to help him write a love letter to the most popular girl in school, Aster, she agrees. Ellie and Paul become friends, but their bond is tested when Ellie begins to develop feelings for Aster as well.



Iris lives in England and is desperately in love with her ex, Jasper. Amanda lives in Los Angeles and is furious after finding out that her boyfriend, Ethan, has cheated on her. The two desperately want to get away for Christmas and, after chatting on a home exchange website, agree to move to another house for two weeks. As Iris and Amanda settle into their new temporary homes, unexpected romantic interests emerge and renew their faith in love.



Bella Swan moves from Phoenix to Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie. She expects quiet dinners at the cafe, lots of rain, and monotonous days at school, until she meets and falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen, who turns her world upside down.

I can’t get enough of dusk saga? Don’t worry, all five movies are available to stream on Netflix.


Someone great

Especially a film about the indestructible bond of friendship, Someone great introduces Jenny, a music journalist who just landed her dream job in San Francisco and was then dumped by her boyfriend for nine years. Determined to put her grief aside, Jenny recruits her best friends for an epic last night in New York City before moving across the country.


The perfect date

Brooks has three dreams: date the most popular girl in school, drive the best car, and go to Yale. A catch: he cannot afford it. So to save money, he creates an app, “The Stand-In”, which allows anyone to pay him to be his fake date for the night. Everything is working perfectly, until the real world starts to creep in.


Silver Linings Playbook

Newly diagnosed with bipolar and at home after a temporary stay in a mental institution, Pat meets Tiffany, a woman who has herself suffered a trauma. The two quickly bond and help each other find the bright side in life.



Jibran and Leilani have been dating for four years, but believe their relationship has reached its expiration date and is coming to an end. But those thoughts are momentarily put aside when the two find themselves accused of murder and in the midst of a baffling mystery.


The runaway bride

Maggie has left three newlyweds at the altar and is about to leave another when curious New York reporter Ike arrives in town. He’s determined to sell a story about Maggie’s failed marriages, but as he spends more time with her and learns more about her, Ike realizes that he has started to fall in love with Maggie.


Safe Haven

Based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven is about Katie, a woman who moves to a small town in North Carolina to escape her abusive husband, Kevin. She soon meets the local and widowed store owner Alex, and the two quickly develop feelings for each other. But Katie’s new safe world is disturbed when Kevin arrives in town.


The big wedding

Don and Ellie have been married for twenty years, but have now been divorced for a long time. Now the whole family is gathering for the wedding of Don and Ellie’s adopted son, Alejandro. But when they learn that Alejandro’s biological mother – who is very conservative – is stealing for the wedding, Don and Ellie are forced to pretend they’re still married.

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