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33 best action movies of all time to watch and stream


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The greatest action movies of all time spanned generations.

Of course, some of the current choices to watch out for have come a long way since The great train heist (1903). But the John Wick and Marvel / Avengers movies, as well as those from last year Impossible mission installment and Oscar nominee Mad Max: Fury Road sort of follow the same premise – there’s racing, there’s theft, there’s violence.

There are a ton of other action movies to choose from next time you watch, which overlap with genres ranging from sci-fi and comedy to thriller and martial arts. Of course you have some must-haves like the classic Indiana Jones The Raiders of the Lost Ark or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography, which includes both Terminator franchise and Total recall. But why not check out some of the other best action movies of all time the next time you want to watch something adventurous? If you’re into big budget adventures, deadly action sequences, and superhero movies, we’ve got the list for you. Here is our list of the best action movies of all time.


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