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7 totally twisted dark romance movies you can’t help but crack


Move over the flowers and chocolates. It’s not always about you. Love isn’t always sweet, you know. It can be extremely sinister, and it doesn’t matter. Especially when brilliant filmmakers exploit the danger, the urgency, the unforeseen and the total inconvenience of this devouring emotion.

Love movies are awesome, with their inflated scores and passionate kisses. And when you make it into a romantic comedy and can throw a few jokes about giving someone our heart completely, even better! But what about the darker side of love, the kind where you’re reminded of, hey, maybe this love affair is a little unsettling? Well let these movies take you on this journey.

From falling in love with someone who isn’t what it seems, to trying to erase them from your mind forever, these movies sum up those times when we fall in love under bad circumstances and let our hearts motivate us up. ‘to what we learned, of course when it’s too late, that it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

It’s not all about jumping through the park and the sweet hugs and butterflies. Love remains overrated and overwhelming, as these movies are quick to point out. The only downside is that you will totally fall in love with them.



Lobster Really makes you wonder if love is worth it. While singles are considered to be totally worthless, based on the fact that they will turn into an animal if they cannot find love in time is to be in a relationship and have to change for the better. fit in with someone else who is really worth it? All this work, all this compromise, all this duty to care about another human and their feelings? It sounds and feels exhausting. Fortunately, this movie is neither. Optimists will feel their hearts beat, and pessimists will dream of becoming a dog.

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‘The one I love’

You see, being in a long-term committed relationship is that you can’t always be sure you know that person. No matter the years and experiences together are you really sure they are who they say they are? Wait, are you who you say you are? The one I love will bring memories to the surface of times your relationship was tested – and whether you succeeded or failed.

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At first, a future society where emotions don’t exist can seem scary or lame. But as Equals play, it’s starting to sound awfully ideal. After all, feelings only make you do crazy things and hamper productivity. Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult star in this futuristic take on Romeo and Juliet, perhaps the original dark romance, that will have you wondering if all that happiness is worth it, when it can be shattered by pain.

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‘The owls of the night’

Does preventing a woman from overdosing seem like the perfect first date? Don’t answer that. Adam Pally and Rosa Salazar star in this twisted romance about two strangers who spend the night together getting to know each other under rather tense and unusual circumstances. But will things turn around when the sun rises?

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“Eternal Sun of the Spotless Spirit”

One of the most classic dark romances of all time asks: if you could forget that a relationship ever existed, would you? Was the good worth it and the merry worth it? If it could be deleted, would you subscribe to it? Some might say yes, others might say that they are just happy that this movie could never be erased from their memory.

Where to look Eternal Sunshine of the Flawless Spirit


‘Looking for a friend for the end of the world’

Nothing says more romance than a looming disaster! Steve Carell and Keira Knightley star in this deliciously dark film that will have you thinking about how and with whom you want to spend the rest of your days. Who is worth chasing after and who is worth staying put? Does anybody? At the very least, these two seem (for the most part) to be pretty good company until the end of days.

Where to look Looking for a friend for the end of the world


“Swiss Army man”

While Swiss army man is a sweet reminder that love actually drives you crazy, no matter how much you know or don’t actually know a person, it will also call into question the validity and strength of your bromances, so a bit of a two-for-one! Like many of the titles on this list, you’ll experience moments of hope and lightness balanced by utter hopelessness and big disappointments. Love remains an adventure, and only you can decide if it’s worth it.

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