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Banana Split Review – Confused High School Romcom | Romance movies

HThere’s a movie that was dug up near the back of the freezer cabinet – something from 2018. It’s a teenage friendship, coming of age from actor and 27-year-old co-writer Hannah Marks who plays here, channel a young Sandra Bullock.

She plays April, a Californian high school student, who is dating the very sexy Nick (Dylan Sprouse) who breaks up with her at the end of the last year. So begins the summer of misery in April, which seems complete when she learns, through the harassment of Nick, that he is now dating the beautiful Clara (Liana Liberato). A drunken confrontation between the two women has a strange cathartic outcome: They secretly become best friends, and it’s almost as if the two of them are cheating on Nick – with each other.

The fundamental premise of this never really looks other than muddled and implausible, and it certainly doesn’t free the relationship between Marks and Liberato in a satisfying comedic direction. There’s no law that says a movie like this has to be exactly funny, and it doesn’t have to be something Booksmart-style – but there is something quite solemn. on this subject.

It’s weird to see the cameo of Jacob Batalon, who was very funny recently as Peter Parker’s best friend Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man MCU movies, here playing a movie director with a desperate crush on April who has an embarrassing summer job there. Something in the script takes the oxygen of comedy from his performance.

Banana Split is on digital platforms from June 8.

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