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Best Action Movies of 2019 | Top 10 action movies

One of the most important aspects to a successful action movie is the ability to align the story and sequences with the personality of the protagonist, which is usually the USP of the movie. Yes, the quality of the scenes itself is important, but the ability to set the tone and make it work with the talents of the lead star sets the standard. Franchises often require a director to try different things with narrative or visual appeal. 2019 outright produces a few beauties, some of the usual stuff, while also featuring some wacky comebacks. We bring you everything in this list of some of the best action movies of 2019.

10. Stuber

Kumail Nanijiani’s rise to fame has not been immune to setbacks. Before succeeding with “Silicon Valley” on television and “The Big Sick” in Hollywood, Nanjiani struggled for nearly a decade and a half in the dark in search of work. But, his playing in ‘Stuber’ certainly guarantees that he’s here to stay. Its pleasant, inherently funny and ostensibly funny driver Stu the Uber will long rule over the surroundings of niche comedy movie characters. He joins forces with Dave Batista, who plays a marauding and vengeful police officer, who hires Stu to catch a heroin dealer who has wronged and humiliated him.

‘Stuber’s mix of action and comedy works thanks to the charm of his prime pair. Hilarious writing and responsible directing elevate the film and make it a unique and intriguing watch.

9. Zombieland: double tap

Zombie assassins Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock are finally deserting the comforts of the White House to travel to Graceland, another place of great sentimental value in Memphis. During their journey, they encounter more similarly placed post-apocalyptic warriors and a group of survivors who find refuge in a commune. Scrappy fighters face an uphill battle against smarter, faster, and older opponents than the mundane before.

The sequel to “Zombieland” seems to have divided a lot of people. After its iconic and successful predecessor, “Double Tap” continues the journey of the Healthy Four into the vast north covered every inch by bloodthirsty zombies. The original cast is returning to play the main characters, and the precious addition of new fighters bodes well for the film. Overall, the sporadic waves of laughter are hit or miss, but it’s the enhanced action value that really makes the sequel a treat to watch.

8. Shadow

Zhang Yimou’s remarkably crafted masterpiece is very deliberative and fierce in his comments on elitist ancient China. The film focuses on the unspeakable and obscure roles that the “shadows”, staunch substitutes for nobles and emperors, have played in preserving the life of their master. Absent from the annals of history, the shadows have lived their lives, not like theirs, and have disappeared without a trace. Deng Chao’s double turn as Commander Ziyu and his shadow points the film in the right direction and is a brilliant character study. Zhang’s immense dedication to recreating traditional and heavy China reaped great rewards, giving the film authenticity and originality.

It is in the calmest moments between Madame and the shadow that we find the greatest intensity. Much like an artist’s brush, Zhang’s camera paints a dark and gruesome picture, reflecting the atmosphere of uncertainty and hostility that lingered in the enmity between rival realms. Chao and Sun Li collectively give this year’s most memorable performances which are not only emotionally heavy but also beautifully untamed. Relentless realization of climaxing crescendos in a fitting finale, rounding off visually sumptuous period drama and defining the genre.

7. Alita: the angel of battle

The town of Iron City follows a plethora of dystopian realities on screen before being marked by strong, authoritarian rule and the marginalization of the audience. Her universe, a mixture of machines, humans and aliens, seduces Alita, a recently awakened cyber-borg, who has no memory of herself. In an attempt to learn her bearings, Alita discovers things about her past that make her doubt her own morals. The film is inspired by the Japanese manga of the same name created by Yukito Kishiro.

The big-budget movie features significant action sequences, most of which are jaw-dropping and executed with great precision. Rose Salazar shines in her centerpiece as the mysterious Alita, portraying a range of emotions to deliver a well-balanced performance. While it doesn’t completely fulfill its duties of writing and cohesiveness, “Alita: Battle Angel” more than makes up for it with decent entertainment.

6. Cold pursuit

You really have to be careful not to rub a guy like Liam Neeson the wrong way. Though these men are silent on the surface, the moment their heads turn chaos ensues. ‘Cold Pursuit’ operates on a similar premise, bringing us tragedy and subsequent destruction, all caused to and by one man: Nels Coxman. Her idyllic life as a snow plow in the spring state of Colorado comes to an abrupt end, as her only son dies of a drug overdose. Initially in tears, Nels discovers that her son’s death was a murder by the local drug lord Vikings. A vengeful Nels decides to take matters into his own hands and makes up for what he lacks in skill and experience when it comes to determination and fearlessness.

Hans Moland’s camera captures a man who has nothing to lose in his primitive and wildest moment. At several points in the film, an almost savage Neeson is terrifying, capable enough to scare any living being. Neeson’s brilliance for bringing out his character’s vulnerability and the best decisions for dealing with close-ups burn well to drag a movie with a predictable ending.

5. Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

A dishonest MI6 agent consumes the only extant specimen of the CT-17 virus, a programmable biological weapon of biblical proportions, affectionately known as “Snowflake.” Hobbs, a DSS servant, is hired by the CIA to work with Shaw, a special agent in London. The two must work together, despite past differences, well, fierce hatred, to find the rogue agent, recover the virus, and save the world. In their own way, a former Secret Service agent, Brixton, who redesigned a superhuman form, courtesy of Eteon, who will stop at nothing.

Seems familiar? Because it is. The latest installment in the franchise is tailor-made to fit its led jewelry, which both match from start to finish. Add Ryan Reynolds to the mix and you’ve got a witty, action-packed popcorn thriller you can watch over and over again.

4. Spider-Man: Far From Home

The revamp of the Spider-Man franchise seems to have done wonders for the main character. Not only has he retained his place as an individual superhero, but he’s also become an integral part of the collective rooster of the Avengers. Tom Holland’s childish charm and his insanely goofy comic book branding seems to have appealed to audiences. The positive response continues with another successful round in ‘Far From Home’. Probably one of the most shocking twists and turns in comic book movie history makes sure the franchise newcomer lives up to his name.

Mysterio of Jake Gyllenhaal, a tragic intergalactic hero, promises to protect the earth from an impending attack from the Elementals, a group of monsters from the Earth composite who want to take over the world for themselves. The initial excitement around her arrival quickly turns to fear and angst as her true identity emerges. Not only does the storyline come with clever writing and twists, it also has great comedic appeal, as well as healthy character development. It wouldn’t be so wrong to claim that “Far From Home” is possibly the best movie in the franchise.

3. Captain Marvel

Brie Larson made headlines around and after the film’s release for all the wrong reasons. The female-centric trend reached its peak when “Captain Marvel” became the first major Marvel release to be anchored by a female superhero. What also helps Larson’s attempts to make Captain Marvel a contemporary role model is the fact that she is the most powerful character in comics. His seemingly indestructible and indomitable character pairs well with a young Nick Fury (with hair and a pair of eyes) to support the narrative.

The plot centers on Danvers’ transformation into Captain Marvel and a dive into his memory to determine the morals of those around him. The Marvel formula, which has worked pretty well for the franchise, continues its purple stain and almost makes you wonder if it will ever stop working.

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2. John Wick 3

How can a list of the best action movies of the year not feature a John Wick movie? Keanu Reeves’ eponymous character is back in action again, and with the tides turned against him like never before, the action just keeps getting better. Following his vengeful murder of Continental High Table member Santino, John Wick has a nice bounty on his head and is on the run. After being declared an ex-communicado, Wick’s injuries prevent him from taking refuge beyond Manhattan. As her hour passes, the clock of her life begins, relying on her abilities to fight an ocean of deadly assassins.

The third installment is probably the first time that a member of the High Table has acted on his behalf and interacted with Wick. Asia’s cold-hearted referee Kate Dillon makes a terrific addition to the franchise’s verse. Directed by predominantly a stuntman Chad Stahelski, “John Wick” 3 features some of the most outrageous and best-coordinated action sequences in recent memory. The quick tale has enough emotional value and swagger to inflate the film’s impact and give Reeves’ career yet another lifeline.

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1. Avengers: Endgame

The most anticipated film of the century was also a chance to bid farewell to an extremely popular and loyal cast that topped the list for much of the decade. ‘End Game’ draws the curtains on Thanos’ epic story arc which has had its mix of happy and sad moments. The mammoth task of giving this saga a proper farewell has fallen on the shoulders of the Russo Brothers, who have made quite a few Marvel films in the past. Their take on the story not only dramatically accentuates the inevitable, but also introduces a far-reaching perspective that makes this superhero movie deceptively layered.

“End Game” was always going to be the highest-grossing film in history, whether the Russo Brothers cared or not. Whatever they did, wouldn’t have stopped it from exploding at the box office. That said, they turn this entertaining superhero flick into a poignant portrayal of betrayal, love, and longing.

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