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Best action movies of 2021

In a world without Covid-19, Daniel Craig would have retired as James Bond 18 months ago, Robbie Collin said in The Daily Telegraph. Instead, he was “on leave” as wave after wave of the virus swept the world. But 007 finally made it back to the big screen, and it was worth the wait. No time to die is a ‘extravagant and satisfying’ final chapter from the Craig era, “which throws almost everything left to throw at 007 – including, in a teeth-clenching twist of relevance, a man-made virus Which threatens to overwhelm the world. The deadly “goo” was stolen by SPECTER, and it is up to Bond to come out of retirement to retrieve it. In some ways, we are in familiar territory: the film has all the usual “ritualistic traces of images and ideas of Bond’s past adventures”; and director Cary Joji Fukunaga created some truly dazzling action sequences. But there are also departures: it’s less austere than others in the Craig years and some are very funny, with both British and contemporary humor. Polishing Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s script “gave the desired result.”

Craig’s swan song is “better than good,” Kevin Maher said in The Times: “it’s beautiful”. “A moving portrait of an old-fashioned hero in the face of his obsolescence”, the film is full of heart and it has a real “emotional bite”; but it is all wrapped up in a fantastic “back to basics” story. No more nonsense about the dark crime syndicates that marred previous installments. Instead, our villain is an “old-fashioned and charming homicidal megalomaniac” (Rami Malek). The supporting cast is “flawless”: special mention must go to Ana de Armas as a novice agent by the name of Paloma, who proves, in one of the most innovative scenes of the series, that the era ” Bond girl ”is over. And then there’s Craig himself – an “imposing, charismatic presence from the foreground to the final shot.”

He is so brilliant in this film that he surpasses “everything around him”, said Clarisse Loughrey in The Independent. His Leap “contains an ocean of battered emotions trying to reach the surface”; his “features carved in granite” crumple in the right way, at the right time. Craig is also a “consummate action star”, and the movie is at its best when Fukunaga “has the freedom to match that energy.” Ultimately, however, No time to die is “strangely anti-climatic”. Radical moments are “fleeting”; what remains is standard “spy nonsense”. It feels like everything has come together “to give Craig his last hoorah” – but what a hoorah it is. He bowed out with “grace and style” and “a reminder that he gave Bond a soul”.

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