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Cast members excited about CBS show based on action comedy movies – Boston Herald

If a movie franchise is popular enough, it can still spawn a spinoff for a TV series a few years down the road.

Shows based on “Lethal Weapon” and “The Exorcist” are in the works, and another example is about to debut. Nine years after the last of three action comedy films that teamed up with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, CBS’s version of “Rush Hour” releases Thursday. Justin Hires succeeds Tucker as Los Angeles Police Detective Carter, whose manners immediately clash with those of his new partner: martial arts specialist Lee (Jon Foo), who arrives in the City of Angels for investigate the alleged death of his sister.

The duo get other missions assigned by their no-frills boss (“Hot in Cleveland” and “Just Shoot Me!” Wendie Malick), and they get some help along the way from Carter’s former partner (Aimee Garcia, “Dexter”) and cousin of the street (Page Kennedy, “Backstrom”). With television veterans Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs”, “Spin City”) and Steve Franks (“Psych”) among the show’s executive producers, other “Rush Hour” stars certainly include the stuntmen, as the first hour alone indicates that there is much to do. them to do.

“It’s a risky dice to throw,” Lawrence admitted, “because if it’s an iconic movie that people love you can’t knock the fans down, but I think what you’re hoping for is that is that a title gets people to watch your show and take a look at it. And I always want to believe that if you cast it well, write it well, play it well and produce it well, people will remain long after the disappearance of references to feature films (films).

Franks adds of the main characters and actors of ‘Rush Hour’, “I love the humanity that these guys bring to this world. I like guys. I think it’s really fun. For eight years on ‘Psych’, we did a buddy comedy version of it, sort of. Here are these two guys who were kind of meant to be together, and it seemed like a fun extension of that. And I’ve never laughed so much as hanging out with these guys.

Foo comes naturally from his physical agility since, he explained, “I started out as a martial artist working in the circus. I did performances with the London Chinese Acrobats and the Flying Dudes Rock and Roll Circus, then I went to Hong Kong, Asia, and Thailand, so I started with martial arts and ended up doing action movies. If viewers aren’t familiar with Foo, however, he understands. “This is my first TV show,” he said. “This is the first time I have had such an experience.”

If Foo and Hires were to be compared to Chan and Tucker – which seems inevitable, especially since a “Rush Hour 4” movie has been discussed – they maintain they’re up for it. “Chris Tucker is literally one of the reasons I got into comedy,” said stand-up comedian Hires, “so it’s a huge honor and privilege to be able to step into these shoes. Honestly, I do. just feel like if I bring my own comedic voice to this role, audiences will eventually see that there is another Detective Carter. And I hope they end up liking me in a comparable way. to Chris Tucker.