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Did you like Karnan? Here Are 5 Tamil Action Movies You Can Stream Then


Dhanush Karnan’s action drama, based on the 1995 Kodiyankulam caste violence case, has got off to a good start despite its release amid the pandemic. While Dhanush is praised for his fantastic performance, Mari Selvaraj’s film is carving out a niche in the Tamil film industry for being one of the best action films the Southern industry has come up with in recent times.

So, here we are listing some other Tamil action movies that you can stream if you liked Karnan.

Vikram vedha

Vikram Vedha is a 2017 Tamil neo-noir action film based on the Indian folk tale of Baital Pachisi. It stars Madhavan as a police officer determined to kill a gangster, Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi). However, Vikram’s life takes a turn when Vedha begins telling him stories based on actual events in his life after his surrender. This action thriller directed by Pushkar-Gayathri explores the gray area that lies between the opposite poles of black and white through the honest cop Vikram and the deceitful criminal Vedha.


Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam, shot simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi, is a spy thriller that tells the story of a classical dancer whose suspicious woman names an investigator behind him. This results in violent events that reveal dark and unforeseen secrets about the dancer (Kamal Haasan). This thriller had its own journey as it sparked a lot of protests due to its sensitive plot. After an official ban in Tamil Nadu for 15 days, the film was finally released in the state in February 2013.


Director Vetrimaaran’s Visaranai revolves around corruption and police brutality and tells the story of four workers forced to admit a crime they did not commit. Violent events begin to unfold once these men recount the true course of events in court. Based on the novel Lock Up by Mr. Chandrakumar, the film opened to positive reviews and won three awards at the 63rd National Film Awards.


One of the most popular Tamil films, this psychological action thriller by S Shankar tells the story of an ordinary citizen whose frustration with the growing apathy surrounding him leads to a split personality. One of her identities is that of a model and the other of a self-defense killer called Anniyan. The film broke the record by winning eight Filmfare Awards and six State Filmfare Awards, and has been dubbed into multiple languages ​​including Telegu, Hindi and French. This nationally award-winning film will soon be getting a Hindi adaptation that will star Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.


Asuran is a period action film by Vetrimaaran which won Dhanush the Best Actor award at the 67th National Film Awards. The film is based on a novel by Poomani called Vekkai and borrows from the real events of the Kilvenmani massacre in 1968. It revolves around the chaos that unfolds after a teenage boy from a disadvantaged caste kills an upper caste landlord. The film received positive reviews and was a resounding success.

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