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Disney Should Adapt These Movies As Live-Action Movies

Disney has been on the right track for several years when it comes to adapting its classics into live action. With Disney greats like Cinderella, The beauty and the Beastand The Lion King, to name a few, the media giant has taken advantage of fans’ nostalgia for their all-time greats to remake them in live-action form for a new audience or just for another chance to do even more of them. It drew some criticism, however, with mostly mixed reviews between critics and fans. Few people come to a consensus on these adaptations, positive or negative.


Most criticism, however, seems to be about whether these adaptations are too similar or too different from the originals. It comes with the territory of trying to adapt movies that have been so beloved by so many fans for decades. It’s a tightrope act that must be followed lightly to ensure that the expectations of the original films are met, while presenting something new to the film that is worth spending the time and money on. a new adjustment. While they might be considered all-time greats in animated form, live-action movies have different requirements and limitations, which could hurt story adaptation.

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From visuals to characterization, live-action movies typically have different sensibilities and audiences, making it difficult to transition from one to the next. Another factor, and perhaps the most important, is that classics can be overdone, making it nearly impossible to make something worthwhile for critics and fans alike. More often than not, new material or more detailed exploration is required from a live-action adaptation, but most Disney live-action remakes are lacking in this department.

But it wasn’t like Disney didn’t know they would need new material in the live-action adaptations. The runtime of live-action movies was considerably longer, with The Lion King being half an hour longer than the original. But for the most part, it didn’t take longer to change anything, and it shows in the final product. The 2019 Lion King is longer, but still somewhat of an exact beat-to-beat remake with little or nothing new to offer. This is one of the reasons many remakes don’t work for fans, as the original films are already great the way they were presented. When making a live-action remake, it would be best to remake a movie that could benefit from a longer runtime or isn’t already adored by fans on the scale of Disney classics. The Lion King and Cinderella are. That said, what could make for a great live-action remake is Disney’s foray into early 2000s sci-fi and sci-fi animated films with Atlantis: The Lost Empire and treasure planet.

These two movies were released only a year apart and look very similar, but both are unique for Disney movies. From having a PG rating rather than a G, and from being both influenced or adapted by classic epic tales, it would be difficult to identify these films as Disney creations if not for prior knowledge. But maybe that’s what makes them more adaptable to live-action than Disney classics.

For a, Atlantis and treasure planet have slightly longer runtimes than the likes of The beauty and the Beast Where The jungle Book. But even with longer runtimes, there’s so much material to explore in these epic sci-fi worlds that they could use a longer runtime, as seen with live-action remakes. Atlantis and treasure planet only scratch the surface of the massive worlds they unmask. Delving deeper into the story and allowing audiences to spend more time with secondary characters would greatly benefit the overall story of these ambitious animated tales.

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Atlantis and treasure planet are massive epics with many characters and locations, but still manage to be personal and intimate. They were way ahead of their time; thus, it would now be perfect for getting these movies out to the public amid the revival of epics hitting the box office. Hollywood has created a massive influx of sprawling tails with a list of characters and places like Dunes, Avatar, and nearly everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s what audiences want now, because the bar has been raised for how massive films can be while still telling personal and relatable stories.

Both Atlantis and treasure planet tick all those boxes with current trends in theater. While the scope of these films is quite broad, they place characters in situations that are relatable even if it’s in a place like space or Atlantis. Same treasure planetRelationship villain Long John Silver fits the trends of today’s current villains because he has a tangible motivation that audiences can connect with.

Sadly, few people recognize these films, especially with new Disney fans getting to grips with the classics. They just haven’t created the impact of their Disney classics. However, giving them a second chance would give audiences the chance to revisit and rediscover these films, adventuring with Milo and Jim as they discover their own world. Disney fans already know and love Cinderella and Mulane. A live action treasure planet Where Atlantis would bring these stories to millions of new viewers.

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