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Don’t Like Watching Action Movies: Vidyut Jammwal | Hindi Movie News

Vidyut Jammwal may have created an action star image with his high-octane, death-defying stunts in movies like ‘Force’ and the ‘Commando’ series, but when it comes to watching movies, the actor says his favorite genre is romance.

Jammwal, who has become one of the leading action heroes in the Hindi film industry, said he prefers the adrenaline rush of stunts in movies to sitting and watching a movie. action.

“I don’t like watching action, genre… It gives me a headache. There’s too much ‘dang-dhadang’. I like acting. I’ve always liked watching romantic movies more than anything else,” the 40-year-old actor told PTI in an interview.

The actor also recalled feeling a certain “high” when watching legendary action star Jackie Chan’s movies in his growing years.

Today as a performer, Jammwal, whose other films are ‘Junglee’ and ‘Khuda Haafiz’, said his goal is to give his audience the same thrilling experience.

“Watching action movies bores me. It’s not because I think I can do better. It’s just that… You like to do certain things and not watch them. That’s the case . I like playing it. I know the high.”

“As a child, when I watched Jackie Chan, I liked the high of (watching him) doing crazy stuff. Now I give that to other people and I love it.”

“We don’t have the actors to perform (such stunts), we don’t have the directors to do it. We have people who believe they can make action movies but they really don’t have the the ability to shoot an action movie, you really have to appreciate the genre, how you kick and punch.

“You have to have some combat experience. I’m not saying they have to be martial artists, but they have to understand human abilities. I don’t think we have too many people here to do that,” he said. -He underlines.

Jammwal said few filmmakers like Varma, his “Khuda Haafiz” director Faruk Kabir and “Commando 3” director Aditya Datt are truly capable of harnessing the genre’s potential.

“If I find someone who understands it, I will work with him. Action is the number one genre but we don’t have directors with such a vision,” he added.

In July, the actor announced he was turning producer with the spy thriller ‘IB 71’, which features him as an intelligence officer.

To be supported by its aptly titled Action Hero Films banner, the film will be directed by Hyderabad-based filmmaker Sankalp Reddy.

Jammwal said the idea of ​​becoming a producer was to give an opportunity to people who “no one gives a chance to”.

“I want to bet on directors who really have it in them (to make films) but who don’t have the ability to socialize and be there at parties. I wanted to give people like me a break and, by pause, I don’t mean I’m ‘throwing’ them. I just wanted to bet on people because someone also bet on me.”

The actor said he has completed a major filming schedule for his next actor “Khuda Haafiz Chapter II.” Once the film is completed, he will begin work on “IB 71” and will follow it with an action-adventure film directed by Datt.