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Edgar Wright picks 100 favorite comedy movies


From “Safety Last” to “One Cut of the Dead”, here is Edgar Wright’s guide to the history of comedy films.


Thank goodness for Edgar Wright. The director of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Baby Driver” has teamed up with Letterboxd to release a giant list of his 100 favorite comedy movies. Wright points out that these 100 movies are just a selection of some of the best comedies ever made and not his definitive list of the absolute best. Either way, Wright has come up with an incredible roster for when moviegoers need it most. The list is presented in chronological order, starting with Harold Lloyd’s 1923 silent comedy classic “Safety Last” and ending with Shinichiro Ueda’s zombie comedy “One Cut of the Dead”. Wright didn’t include any of his own comedies on the list.

Any Wright fan won’t be too surprised to see the Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton movies dominate the first side of their list. Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush,” “The Circus” and “City Lights” all made top 10 picks, as did Keaton’s “Our Hospitality”, “Steamboat Bill Jr.” and “The Cameraman”. “Monkey Business” and “Duck Soup” by the Marx Brothers are also included in the top 10 selections. Comedies by Richard Linklater (“School of Rock”), Alexander Payne (“Sideways”), Wes Anderson (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”) and Noah Baumbach (“Mistress America”) appear later in the list.

“To help you get through these tough times, please enjoy a generous portion of some of my favorite screen comedies that I’ve enjoyed over the years,” Wright wrote in a statement accompanying his list. “I could easily do another 100, so don’t say ‘Where’s so-and-so?’ Sit back and enjoy the movies. Let us know below, which ones make you smile. (NB: No, I’m not so shameless to put mine here. X) ”

IndieWire has listed some of Wright’s picks below. Head over to Letterboxd to read Wright’s list of favorite comedies in full.

1. “Security lasts”
2. “Our hospitality”
3. “The Gold Rush”
4. “The circus”
5. “The Bill Jr. Steamboat”
6. “The cameraman”
7. “City lights”
8. “Money matters”
9. “The music box”
10. “Duck soup”

90. “Idiocracy”
91. “You the living”
92. “Super bad”
93. “The Donk and Scor-Zay-Zee”
94. “The journey”
95. “What we do in the shadows”
96. “The Grand Hotel in Budapest”
97. “They have reunited”
98. “Mistress America”
99. “Popstar: Never stop never stop”
100. “A Cup of the Dead”

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