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From Force to Rocky Handsome, John Abraham’s Five Best Action Movies

The actor is about to complete two decades in the Hindi film industry and has starred in some truly thrilling action movies. Here are five of them

Photo courtesy: official Instagram account, John Abraham

John Abraham made his Hindi film debut with Jism in 2003, an erotic thriller about deception and passion. The aura indicated that the man would lead the way by playing suave and elegant characters that make the nation drool. He finally did and transformed into an action hero with muscles and abs to die for.

The actor is about to complete two decades in the Hindi film industry and has starred in some truly thrilling action movies. He’s gearing up for Attack Part 1 which will be released on April 1, but before that, here are five of his best action movies:

Doom (2004)

It was a game changer after a few setbacks. He played Kabir, a charming thief who revels in anonymity like any other thief. The long hair, crooked smile, and those gorgeous bikes only added to the appeal of the character and the thriller that later turned into a franchise. There were no fights and yet there was something very thrilling about Dhoom that makes it one of Abraham’s most memorable films.

Strength (2011)

Seven years later, after the aforementioned movie, Abraham has gone to the other side of the law to catch the bad guys and take crime out of town. By then he had grown and swelled into a much larger human than he was when he started. Its action scene with the first Vidyut Jammwal at the climax makes it total Paisa Vasool entertainment.

Madras Cafe (2013)

First off, kudos to Shoojit Sircar for going in a totally opposite direction after Vicky Donor. This wasn’t your usual potboiler masala about the battle between good and evil. Madras Cafe was a gripping thriller with style and finesse at its core. Abraham was not a wicked killing machine running amok to kill his enemies. Madras Cafe was exciting and chose brain over brawn.

Rocky Beau (2016)

The man barely spoke in this action drama. Instead, he let his body do the talking. He trained very hard for the role and every picture was proof enough. Not perhaps stunning poetry in motion but enough pulp to give an adrenaline rush. The sequence that stood out was at its climax when Abraham slices and pierces almost all of a human’s flesh with his knife skills. It’s brutal but beautiful to watch.

Force 2 (2016)

Why Force 2? Because it was too driven by softness. Unlike the prequel, there was no melee combat this time around, as the villain mostly operated anonymously. The hero and villain barely meet in the film and when they do, the villain is immediately dead. But what kept you hooked was how far the main man was willing to go to perform all of his stunts on his own, even at the cost of breaking his knee and splitting it big. Bad blood, anyone?