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Funny Tubi Action Movies 5 Funny Tubi Action Movies

5 Fun Tubi Action Movies: Here are some suggestions, much like a “Staff Suggestions” section in your local Mom & Pop video library.

For those unfamiliar with Tubi, it’s a completely free streaming service that offers an absolutely ridiculous selection of movies, many of which come in high-quality, high-definition transfers. For those who aren’t in the know, it’s also one of the best paying services for filmmakers and they’re very open to low-budget films. They show the movies with ads, but that’s a small price to pay for a great selection of fun movies. Scrolling through their offerings by genre is also the closest thing to the video store experience of yesteryear. Here’s a list of five fun Tubi action movies, much like a “Staff Suggestions” section in your local Mom & Pop video library.

Crackerjack (1994)

Thomas Ian Griffith crackerjack

The first in a series of mid-budget action films, though each film has a different lead (with Judge Reinhold an unlikely action hero in the first sequel). This one takes place on a mountain, in a ski resort where a cop is on vacation when terrorists attack and he must intervene to save the day. The story here is obvious, the stunts are fun, the lines are cheesy, and the performance is passable. However, it’s fun and it stars Thomas Ian Griffith, Nastassja Kinski and Christopher Plummer. Yes, this Christopher Plummer. It may sound like an odd mix of people and it is. This one is written by Micheal Bafaro and Jonas Quastel and directing is Michael Mazo who has seven feature films and two episodes of Ninja Turtle on his resume. He may seem like he had a limited career, but his job here is fun. All in all, it’s the kind of movie to put on in a blizzard or thunderstorm, popcorn in hand and a well-checked mind. And, if you want to see what Cobra Kai‘s Terry Silver was like an action star, here’s your chance.

The Accidental Man (2018)

Scott Adkins accident man tubi fun action movies

Scott Adkins, Ray Stevenson, Michael Jai White, Ray Park should be all you need to know to choose this one. With a cast like that, it can only be fun. Add that most of them end up fighting Adkins, you know you have a blast on your hands. The fights here are more than fair and director Jesse V. Johnson shows he knows what to do with all those heavy hitters in his cast. Co-written by Adkins with Stu Small from the comic by Pat Mills, this was developed for Adkins and it shows. It is made for him with fights adapted to his skills. There are a few explosions to add a bit of spice to the proceedings and a bit of humor here and there. It’s a well-rounded happy meal of an action movie and it goes well with a night at home looking for fun action movies on Tubi.

Everly (2014)

    Action movies on Tubi: Everly

Salma Hayek may have said she didn’t like this one, but we love it! It’s a Christmas movie full of violence and action. The titular character has been kidnapped and she must survive an attack by hitmen sent to finish her off. Hayek is awesome here, gorgeous as always, and for fans of director Joe Lynch (Mayhem on Frisson, Point Blank on Netflix), it’s something that fits his style perfectly. This one moves fast, has characters that seem to come out of nowhere, and makes the most of its location. This movie might be a Christmas movie, but it’s easy to watch any time of the year. So grab a hot chocolate, sit down, grab a blanket, make yourself comfortable and watch Salma Hayek kill a bunch of hitmen.

Kung Fu Killer (aka Kung Fu Jungle) (2014)

Donnie Yen Kung Fu Killer Fun Tubi Action Movies

Starring Donnie Yen, this one is a no-brainer as the man is all about quality action and fun fight sequences. Distributed in the United States by Well Go USA, a sign of high quality entertainment there, this one is available on Tubi in its original language with subtitles, English dub and Spanish dub, there therefore has no reason not to give it. A try. Directed by Teddy Chen, this film follows a martial arts instructor who is also in the police force as he is thrown in jail for accidental murder, then released when a serial killer goes after masters. martial arts. From this description alone, it’s clear that the movie has a lot of fights and they’re on point. Yen is known for his skills as a fighter and as a fight choreographer, so it’s clear that entertainment for action fans is of great value here. Please note that there is another Kung Fu Killer from 2008 with David Carradine and it’s not quite on the same level here. Consider this one a “not so fun” action movie about Tubi.

The Bouncer (2018)

Van Damme the bouncer

Van Damme was one of the kings of the action aisle in any video store and he has plenty of titles available on Tubi. This one, The bouncer, is a mix of action, drama and thriller, bringing a fuller story than many of its previous direct-to-video releases. Here, he plays a man who works as a bouncer to support his daughter. Soon, he finds himself in trouble with the police and must make a deal. It might be a bit of a generic story, but the film really makes the most of it and shows a side of Van Damme that his fans have come to appreciate in some of his more recent work. Here the action is peppered throughout the film and really works in context while the story goes deeper than just a series of fights. Director Julien Leclercq shows a knack for balancing action and drama in his films and this one is no different.

Tubi is a treasure trove of movies across all genres, action is just a small part of what they do and they add new titles all the time. Sure, some titles do get deleted sometimes, but usually they come back to them soon after, so add them to your list, browse through them at your own pace, and if one goes missing, don’t worry, it’ll be back in no time.