Action films

Hairul Azreen: Action films can help highlight Malaysia, like what Tony Jaa did for Thailand

Having previously starred in local action blockbusters Pascal: the movie and WillaHairul Azreen is once again a leader in this genre with the next film The wizard.

Directed by Adrien Teh, The wizard is set to hit theaters nationwide on March 10. The action thriller is co-produced by international studio Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia.

During a recent press conference, the 33-year-old actor said: “I always feel like I can do better and improve when it comes to portraying a character. I felt that in Pascal and likewise in Willa.

“I think I’ve done some of my best work in terms of acting in The wizard.

“We must always strive to do better every time because we must show that Malaysia can go far in terms of cinema. And Malaysia is capable of creating an action star.

While Hairul wants to break new ground in action for every project, he admitted he was disappointed that few people outside of Malaysia even know about the country let alone its movies.

“I met international artists and discovered that they don’t know Malaysia. I feel the duty to prove that we are capable of making world-class films and producing action stars.

“If people can know Tony Jaa from Thailand and Iko Uwais from Indonesia, why can’t they know Malaysia through an action star?

“Before, we didn’t have films that could enter the international market. But in recent years, I think our films have reached an international level.

“And with the participation of a company like Sony Pictures (for The wizard), we can still elevate our films,” Hairul concluded.

The wizard focuses on Zafik (Iedil Dzuhrie) and Feroz (Hairul) who set out to get revenge on those who killed Zafik’s family.