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Happy Birthday Ajinkya Deo: From Suspense To Dramatic Movies, The Actor’s Versatility Has Been Proven Through These Movies


Ajinkya Deo is arguably one of the most beautiful actors in the Marathi industry and he doesn’t seem to look his age at all! Born May 3, 1963 in Mumbai in couple of actors Ramesh Deo and Seema Deo, Ajinkya turns 58 today! He is a very popular face not only in Marathi movies but also in Hindi movies. On his birthday, check out some of his best movies on ZEE5. It should be noted that Ajinkya Deo is very versatile and has made all kinds of films from thrillers to dramas!

Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal

Nagpur Adhiveshan Ek Sahal is a 2016 comedy-drama that revolves around the political scene in Nagpur and mainly focuses on two politicians and the annual ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan’ event. They encounter various issues while setting up the event depicted in the film. The film stars Makrand Anaspure, Ajinkya Deo, Mohan Joshi and Bharat Ganeshpure. Ajinkya Deo’s Prataprao is extremely entertaining and a great addition to this satirical drama!

Watch this movie here.

Sau Shashi Deodhar

This 2014 film is a true thriller thriller that revolves around Dr. Ajinkya Vartak (Ajinkya Deo) and a woman who identifies as Shubhada Shashi Deodhar (Sai ​​Tamhankar). One night, Dr. Ajinkya’s car hits her and he lets her into his home. Later, Shubhada’s husband introduces himself and informs Ajinkya that this is his wife Nilima! Who is telling the truth?

Watch this captivating thriller here!


Another 2014 film by Ajinkya Deo in which he plays Khushaba! It’s a philosophical drama about a normal man, Sadanand who is a poor factory worker and his faith. The film has an old world charm as it portrays the theme of divine worship and how faith can help every man. It was popular with families and reminds viewers of movies from the 70s and 80s that had similar themes! Ajinkya Deo is said to have done an amazing job in the movie!

Check it out here.


A 2013 Ajinkya Deo film, this one would be about the life of Jiah Khan. Jiah Khan was a young Bollywood actress who was seen in Ghajini and Nishabdh. She allegedly committed suicide in 2013 and it was speculated that she took this drastic step after problems in her personal and professional life. The film also follows the story of a stubborn young girl who faces all kinds of problems in the entertainment industry as an actress. Ajinkya Deo plays the role of director Mahesh Chandorkar who gives the girl a chance and he is also convincing in his role as a filmmaker!

Watch this movie here iIf you like movies about the entertainment industry.

Don Ghadicha Daav

This 2011 film is based on Agatha Christie’s play, “The Unexpected Guest” and a Bollywood movie was also shot on the same, titled “Dhund”. Vaidehi’s husband, Arjun, was murdered and she is one suspect among others. Ajinkya plays the role of Arjun’s friend Dr Umesh Sontakke and he befriends Vaidehi, so he is also a suspect in the film. There are three more suspects and the film slowly uncovers the truth and leaves audiences in shock!

Watch this murder mystery here!


A 1998 film starring Ajinkya Deo as Vishwas, a chawl official who informs the residents of his chawl that the building is unsafe and must be evacuated immediately. But when he submits these files to the Chief Minister, they disappear and things start not to add up! The film deals with the everyday problems of political figures and the emptiness of their promises. Ajinkya Vishwas is an honest government employee who tries to do everything in his power to do a good job for the people of Mumbai!

Watch this movie here.

We wish the actor a very happy birthday and hope to see him in other movies soon!

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