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Hooking Up Review – Sex Addict On The Road To Nowhere | Romance movies

A Sex Addict reenacts each of her 169 conquests on a road trip across America with a man she just met — he has testicular cancer — in this superficial and woefully unfunny comedy from Nico Raineau. Brittany Snow does her best to make the character compelling, but not only is the movie (clearly inspired by Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck) a comedic dead zone, it’s virtually devoid of real, recognizable human beings.

In a well-tuned performance, Snow plays Darla, a cynical sex columnist fired from her job at a magazine after she’s caught fucking an intern in the editorial office. (The shot is pretty prickly: “You’re not the only nympho who can form a sentence.”) An earlier sexual harassment complaint means Darla is forced to attend a drug group where she meets the adorable Bailey. (Sam Richardson), a nice guy who got the wrong meeting: he’s supposed to be next door with cancer survivors. The script completely fakes Darla’s sex addiction – one minute she’s a liberated woman doing her thing, the next she’s dealing with her behaviors and recovering. She never has to deal with any type of social avoidance or slut shaming.

Inexplicably, five minutes after they meet, Darla and Bailey embark on their road trip; they are not in a relationship, it is a kind of therapy for both of them. In fact, she secretly blogs about the experience to try and get her job back. You can guess what is happening. There’s nothing about their chemistry to suggest the two should get together, let alone stay together – but during one of their encounters, they kiss and Darla’s face, hardened from years of anonymous liaisons empty, softened like a flower, just in time for a fantastical fairy tale ending.

Weirdly prude about intimacy scenes, the sex addiction story is a cheap attempt to spice up the romcom formula, but this film is as vanilla as it gets.

Hooking Up is on digital platforms from June 8.