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If you like action movies, Kangana’s movie will blow you away

In Bollywood for a very long time, we have seen heroes like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar take command of the series of spies and super secret agents in Hindi cinema, in such a way, see a capable actress like Kangana Ranaut as the protagonist of the action-packed spy film “Dhaakad” is undoubtedly to see a big change. Ever since the film’s trailer launched, seeing the smoky Tarantino-style action, audiences’ expectations for this Kangana flick had risen even further. There’s no doubt that in the case of action, this film takes a beating, but in the case of emotion, it proved weak. There is another challenge for the film, with this one, the release of ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’ which is a horror comedy, which can be seen by audiences of all classes, but Kangana’s Dhaakad received a ‘A’ certificate, then it can be viewed by the public above the age of 18.

Review: Director Rajneesh Raazi Ghai’s film came out with Hollywood-style action sequences and amazing visuals. The technical side of the film is strong, the black and white and gray aspect of the camera (cameraman Tatsuo Nagata) is different, but the directors were weak in terms of the story. Whether it’s the emotion of revenge over the death of parents or the question of motherhood of innocents, somewhere the storyline has to see you less emotionally connecting. The script of the film could have been better. This film, lasting 2h10 without any love angles, begins to seem long despite the speed of action. Speaking of music, apart from Badshah’s ‘She Is On Fire’, other songs are disappointing. The climax of the film turns out to be predictable.

This film is entirely the film of Kangana, who spoke the dialogue ‘Jism se rooh alag karna business hai mera’, is really considered beautiful in the case of acting as an agent Agni. His agility, expression and look in action are driving everyone crazy. Even in close combat, they don’t turn out to be nineteen from anywhere. In her role, she also put a touch of glamour. Arjun Rampal’s villainous style as Rudraveer is strong. He attempted to make it different through his look and his lullaby. The cruelty that Divya Dutta introduced as Rohini proves that she is once again a capable actress. Sharib Hashmi, who was seen on screen after a long time, did his small role justice, but he should have had a bit more screen space. Shaswat Chatterjee, famous as Bob Biswas, has once again managed to shock.

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