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I’m Your Man review – domestic happiness with a humanoid | Comedy movies


The last thing academic Alma (Maren Eggert) wants, following a messy breakup with a colleague, is a man. But in order to secure funds for her own research, she is persuaded to participate in an essay: for three weeks she has to live with Tom (a skillful comedic performance by Downton Abbey ‘s Dan Stevens), a humanoid robot who was precisely engineered to be his perfect companion.

Alma’s natural cynicism seems well placed. Tom has an LED blue gaze that doesn’t blink and a database full of cornball compliments – “Your eyes are like two mountain lakes,” he informs her, with the same tone of polite interest. which he uses to calculate the optimum safety angle for his car seat. But Tom is programmed to learn from his answers. And even though, or maybe because Alma locks him in a closet with his ironing board and rejects his offer of a scented petal bath, he’s starting to look more like the kind of man she might live with. , even love.

There is an unexpected depth to this clever relationship comedy in Berlin. Unlike the AI ​​/ human romance on the same theme, Spike Jonze Her, I am your man opts for an inconspicuous and realistic aesthetic and a less cynical perspective. But it poses pertinent questions about loneliness and a world in which algorithms can know us better than our human partners ever will.