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Jackie Chan will no longer make American action films because he was offered the same roles

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Movie star Jackie Chan has vowed to stop making American films because he continues to be cataloged.

The legendary action hero, 66, may not have appeared in any major Hollywood movies lately, but that doesn’t mean he’s not yet incredibly active in the movie world – he just chose to avoid them.

Talk to Film maker, the iconic martial arts expert revealed that he “never left America”, speaking of his so-called absence. The problem, he says, is that he couldn’t “find the right script” when it came to projects that he liked the sound of.

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Later in the interview, the actor says he was tired of being offered the same kind of roles and wanted more serious and dramatic roles, rather than being stereotyped as the martial arts stuntman.

Speaking candidly about his desires to develop as a movie star, Chan revealed that he wants his fans to see a different side of him, especially in his later years.

“I want to make sure that each year the audience can see so many different sides of Jackie Chan,” he shared. “I would like the public to see me as an actor capable of doing action, not just an action star. I don’t like to repeat myself.

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Chan’s last great American movie was in 2017 The foreigner, opposite Pierce Brosnan. Chan rose to fame in a number of classic films, including Drunken Master (1978), Police Story (1985), and Grabuge in the Bronx (1995), where it first made an impact in America and was properly exposed to audiences in Western films.

Perhaps his most famous role with English-speaking audiences is his appearance in the Peak hour franchise, alongside Chris Tucker, in the action comedy trilogy.

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