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Michael Mann ‘bored’ by ‘stale’ modern action movies

This month saw the release of “Heat 2,” the sequel novelization of Michael Mannthe acclaimed 1995 heist film”Heat» that the filmmaker co-wrote with Meg Gardiner. The book wasn’t just an exercise for the director, as Mann plans to make a great feature out of it, essentially giving us a sequel/prequel considering how the story jumps between events before and after the movie. original. Don’t expect Mann to switch to a series/TV version, as he seems extremely keen on giving audiences a theatrical experience.

Speaking with Total Film (via Game radars) about “Heat 2,” Mann explains why a big-screen adaptation is more appealing than making a TV series, given that he believes movies have a longer shelf life than traditional shows.

“There’s fantastic work in television, and for some reason it has a short half-life,” he told Total Film. “[Producer] Dino De Laurentiis, once told me about television, ‘Michael, there’s a small screen, and there’s the big screen.’ Everything is said, you know?

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That impression was likely reinforced at an Academy screening of “Heat,” where many saw the film for the first time on the big screen, as Mann recalls the event that fellow director Christopher Nolan moderate.

“I don’t let go of television. It really is [a golden age]. But the great cinematic experience – there is nothing like it. When we had a screening of “Heat” at the Academy, probably 80% of the audience had never seen it on the big screen, and the response was amazing. I had the whole cast there, and [Christopher] Nolan moderated it. It’s on the Blu-ray – we had a panel discussion afterwards. It was really fascinating for me to see the difference and the impact.

Mann also gave his take on modern action movies, which is certainly a sentiment many can share, though he refrained from naming specific titles.

“I’m just annoyed by it. It’s not very interesting,” Mann said of his impression of modern action movies. “I mean, sometimes the choreography is so outrageous it’s mesmerizing, and it’s pretty good. But generally, no. It’s just expired.

Due to the ages of the cast from 1995, we shouldn’t expect them to return in their respective roles given the timeline of the ‘Heat 2’ prequel/sequel, but who exactly will be cast remains to be seen. . However, they should be younger than the original actors.

It’s unclear when “Heat 2” might hit the cameras because Mann is busy right now, but the director promises it will be “a really big movie.” Mann recently started filming his racing biopic “Ferrari” in Italy, which features Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari with a supporting cast that includes Penélope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Gabriel Leone, Sarah Gadon, Jack O’Connelland Patrick Dempsey. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future “Heat 2” production updates, as we’re just as excited about it as Mann seems. Fingers crossed he’ll consider doing it after finishing “Ferrari.”