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Netflix Dramas & Series to Watch If You Liked ITV’s Finding Alice

On Sunday night, ITV aired the first episode of its new drama, Finding Alice.

The six-part series tells the story of a woman grappling with the sudden loss of her husband whose unexpected death occurred on their first night in their new dream home.

Dark and mysterious – with moments of much-needed comedic relief – the story is propelled by a cast of British television royalty, including Keeley Hawes as Widow Alice, and Joanna Lumley and Nigel Havers as her comedic parents.

The full series is available to watch on the ITV hub, but if you’ve ever excessively watched your way to Episode Six, you might be on the hunt for your next watch.

On Netflix there are many movies available to stream that are similar in style and genre to Finding Alice.

We’ve rounded up some of the best to add to your watchlist.

After Life (2020)

Ricky Gervais, with Penelope Wilton, in After Life

When protagonist Tony’s wife dies of breast cancer, her whole life is turned upside down.

His once kind character is replaced by his “superpower” – a moody and moody attitude – which quickly takes a toll on his relationships with family, friends and colleagues in his “old world”.

The series is created by and stars Ricky Gervais.

After Life is rated certificate 15 and there are two seasons to stream on Netflix.

Canvas (2020)

Canvas is a short animation that tells the story of a grandfather who, after a heartbreaking loss, struggles to regain his passion for painting.

But he soon experiences something that inspires inspiration again.

Canvas is U certificate rated and has a run time of 9 minutes.

You Irreplaceable (2018)

In Irreplaceable You, we meet a couple, Abbie and Sam, who have known each other since they were eight years old and are meant to be together until the day they die.

After a cancer diagnosis, we see Abbie searching for a future girlfriend for her childhood sweetheart – who is desperate when it comes to dating.

The Emotional Tearjerker is rated certificate 12 and has a duration of 1 hour and 36 minutes.

PS I love you (2007)

A scene from PS I love you

After the death of her husband, a young widow struggles to cope with the idea of ​​continuing her life without him.

But she soon discovers that he left her 10 messages intended to comfort her and give her the courage to start her new life.

The film stars Hilary Swank as Widow Holly and Gerard Butler as her late husband Gerry.

PS I Love You is rated certificate 12 and has a duration of 2 hours and 6 minutes.

Pieces of a Woman (2020)

Shia LaBeouf and Vanessa Kirby in Pieces of a Woman

In Pieces of Woman, the home birth of young mother Martha ends in unthinkable tragedy.

His relationship with those close to him is damaged during his year-long mourning journey.

As the plot progresses, we see how Martha learns to live by her loss and take charge of her life.

The film, written by Kata Weber, stars Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf.

Pieces of a Woman is rated certificate 15 and has a duration of 2 hours 6 minutes.

Seven Books (2008)

Rosario Dawson and Will Smith in Columbia Pictures’ drama Seven Pounds

Overwhelmed by a dark secret, Ben embarks on a remarkable journey of redemption.

His goal is to change the lives of seven strangers who all need a second chance.

Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film stars Will Smith and Rosario Dawson.

Seven Pounds is 12A certified and has a battery life of 2 hours 3 minutes.

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