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One of Tom Cruise’s Worst Action Movies Currently Dominates Netflix


The Tom cruise the action flick has become a sub-genre in itself over the past quarter of a century, and it’s still worth checking out. It’s gotten even truer since the A-List megastar decided to redouble her efforts to pull off her own increasingly dangerous and death-defying stunts, but her track record isn’t flawless or two.

On paper, knight and day had the potential to be one of his best. A big-budget romantic caper with spy elements that paired Cruise with Cameron Diaz under the watchful eye of James Mangold came with a ton of potential, but there’s something about the finished product that feels flat.

knight and day

Cruise is clearly delving into a slapstick physical comedy among the heroic daredevils, and a few sets erupt with the requisite levels of excitement, but the highlights are few and far between. It’s a light, sparkling dish that’s ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon, but it will never be considered a classic.

Reviews were about as poor as the box office, knocking out any chance of a potential franchise at the first hurdle. That being said, knight and day has proven to be incredibly popular with Netflix subscribers after spending the last week on the platform’s 10 Most Watched list, according to FlixPatrol.


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