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Randeep Hooda: I want to do more action movies now; I like this genre | Hindi movie news

A year ago, if everything had worked out as planned, Randeep Hooda’s international film Extraction, released on a digital platform, would have had a mega premiere in the United States. The actor is now in talks for other international projects and an announcement could be made soon. When asked if he had realized what he intended to do with the film, Randeep replied, “Yes, I have – I have broadened my audience base and opportunities for the film. future, build good relationships and finally, do action and fight scenes in my film. Although I have an image of an action hero, I’ve barely done any action scenes in our movies here. So, that was a new genre to explore, and it came to me at a time when I had spent three years preparing a movie that was shelved. I was in a dark space.

At the time of the film’s digital premiere, Randeep had said, “Maybe they didn’t like my acting,” when asked about Bollywood’s cold reaction to his Hollywood project. Bring that up, and he shares, “I’ve been asked that Bollywood that praises a poster launch, teaser launch, or a failed actor appearance in a Hollywood movie doesn’t hadn’t said much about my work. I responded to that by saying that maybe they didn’t like my actor man… ”

Randeep, who was recently seen in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, admits he’s in a better spot on the international film circuit. “Their industry has just opened up and the conversations have started. Talks are ongoing and I hope one of them comes to fruition soon. They don’t want people traveling over there right now looking at the situation here and everywhere else in the world. ”

After a two-decade career, one wonders if Randeep, who has barely had 50 exits, has figured out where he’d like to go from here. Randeep says, “I want to do more action movies now. I love this genre and want to expand as an actor where I need to prepare and change in every way and live another life. I feel lucky that 20 years later the filmmakers find me exciting and unexplored. I am offered stimulating work and I hope it will continue. I hope I can continue to do difficult things until the day I die. I saw Anthony Hopkins in Father. Winning the Oscar for best actor of his age is so amazing. He tells actors what they can do even as they get older. He’s brilliant. There is no end to roles and craftsmanship. It just keeps getting better as long as you stay interesting and interested.

The actor adds, “Staying relevant is a whole bunch of things you have to do, which aren’t entirely in your hands. Staying interested in your work, trying to be better, and translating your thoughts into your work. connecting with yourself is under your control.I will continue to do so.

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