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For action movie fans looking for a new thrill to watch at home, there are plenty of car chases, explosions, and sword-and-fist fights to go through. Let me help you out by providing you with some streaming highlights. This month’s picks include movies from around the world and range from the spellbinding fantasy to the surprisingly comedic.

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No matter how Ethan (Thomas Nicholas) tries, a quiet life escapes him. Recently released from prison, he meets his parole officer (Lou Diamond Phillips) between two night rides. Drunken college girls make up a large portion of her annoying clientele, a suspicious boss (Sean Astin) annoys her even more, and her neighbor Chloe (Kate Katzman) worries more about her modest surroundings. But it’s her struggling 16-year-old sister, Mia (Kelly Arjen), who occupies her mind the most. Mia and her boyfriend owe a local loan shark a lot of money after spending his money on drugs. Now the debt has put their lives in danger.

Tragedy strikes. Despite his best efforts to stay out of trouble, Ethan finds himself embroiled in a ruthless underworld ruled by the hobbled but ruthless Kaden (Mickey Rourke). The veteran set of Brian A. Metcalf’s visceral LA crime thriller provides plenty of firepower in a gory revenge tale that sees Ethan deliciously pounding his enemies with a crowbar. As the carnage wreaks havoc on his face, Nicholas delivers a floor performance that is a perfect replica of Rourke’s moving turn as a gangster on his last legs.

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Bearing tonal similarities to Adam McKay’s ‘The Other Guys’, this Portuguese-language action comedy directed by Vitor Brandt deploys a wicked visual style of freeze frames and visual gags for big laughs and even bigger explosions. large.

Bruceuilis Nonato (Edmilson Filho) was born to be a kung fu action hero. To begin with, his first name is pronounced “Bruce Willis”. He is also well versed in advanced martial arts. In the small town of Guará, Brazil, however, there are no law breakers – except for an overheated man who stole a fan from a lover’s window. In São Paulo, data analyst Trindade (Matheus Nachtergaele) supports Operation Thunderbolt’s elite police team. Following a botched drug bite, Trindade (much smaller than his muscular colleagues) is fired to the motor vehicle department.

He and Bruceuilis become unlikely partners when drug dealers kidnap Celestina, Guará’s darling goat. In this 1980s-inspired cop buddies movie, aided by some heartfelt humor, you have a chance to not only redeem yourself, but friendship as well.

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If you’ve ever wanted a mix of “Mad Max” and “Ready Player One”, look no further than Zhao Ji’s animated steampunk adventure. In screenwriter Muchuan’s adaptation of the Ming Dynasty novel “Investment of the Gods,” Li Yunxiang (Yang Tianxiang) is a motorcycle racer competing for water in the post-apocalyptic city of Donghai. Ruled by the ruthless De clan, this glittering metropolis suffers from massive economic inequalities caused by a 3,000-year war between humans and gods.

But Li can change the fate of the city: he is the reincarnation of the fiery warrior god Nezha. Factories are transformed into staging places for breathtaking elaborate chases. Vibrant mythical beasts in the form of dragons and monkeys compete for supremacy. And belligerent spirits replay the conflicts that have dominated their centuries-old existence. Dressed in a red metallic fire truck costume and accompanied by a soundtrack of crisp guitar licks, Li struggles to harness his newfound abilities before the De clan can kill him and everyone he sees. love.

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Director Barnaby Thompson’s hilarious neo-western “Pixie” features a powerful Olivia Cooke as the main character, a woman who is just one step ahead of everyone else. Femme fatale, daughter-in-law of a powerful gangster (Colm Meaney), the whipsmart Pixie sets up a clever ploy: in the hope of financing her move from Ireland to San Francisco, she hires two men to steal their MDMA from the Catholic priests of the city. and money. The only catch: her secret lover and her rejected ex-boyfriend are the pair of looters. The two turn on each other and their booty falls into the unsuspecting hands of two local idiots: Frank McCullen (Ben Hardy) and Harland McKenna (Daryl McCormack).

If Pixie has any hope of escaping Ireland, she must team up with the dumb duo on a trip across the country and dodge the murderous priest gang led by Father Hector McGrath (Alec Baldwin); his own psychotic brother-in-law (Turlough Convery); a cold-blooded bounty hunter (Ned Dennehy); and the languid Frank and Harland.

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Sang Yu (Talu Wang) hasn’t slept in ages. Every time he closes his eyes, a gruesome gray demon wielding a hatchet brutally kills him. Sang believes in the far-fetched theory that this universe is a dream world and humans are locked in mortal bodies by an advanced species. If only we could free our minds, we could harness limitless abilities to manipulate our lived experience. Evicted from his apartment, in debt and starving, he’s a struggling screenwriter who ponders death until he discovers his superpower: he can bring back fancy cars, dazzling gold, and jewelry from his dreams to reality.

In director Zhang Chong’s fantasy action thriller “Super Me,” Sang gains untold riches, the girl of his dreams, and unimaginable fame in the film industry. He is considered the “Shakespeare of Chinese cinema”. Of course, everything that glitters has a price. The rich bounty of his multidimensional time jump lands Sang in the sights of a bloodthirsty gangster. Acrobatic fights and precise world-building hold together a story based on the belief that money can’t buy happiness.


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