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Sylvester Stallone says he loves pro wrestling and compares it to action movies

Sylvester Stallone is a pro wrestling fan, discussing his love of the industry in a new interview. The Hollywood action star spoke to Sports Illustrated promoting his new movie Samaritan and talked about his appreciation of wrestling, how he sees it as similar to action movies and more. You can check out the highlights below:

As a pro wrestling fan: “I love wrestling. It’s about getting carried away by the drama… “There is a passion for this world, big time. People like Bruno Sammartino, they are people who have shaped my personality and my look about life. Bruno, beautiful George, [bodybuilder/actor] Steve Reeves, [boxer] Rocky Marciano — especially Rocky Marciano. I love the mythical qualities of wrestling. I made my daughters watch wrestling – I wanted them to watch history.

On comparing professional wrestling to action movies: “I understand what’s going on in there. I hear people say it’s not real. Oh good? Gravity is real. Jumping off the top rope or having 300 pounds land on you is real. I feel the same about action movies. They were immersed in a sort of dismissive genre. Like, ‘Oh, it’s an action movie.’ All I know is that I had maybe 31 surgeries because of action movies, so I consider it very real.

On the dramatic value of the struggle: “Wrestling has nothing to do with who scores a touchdown. It’s entertainment. It’s not supposed to be ‘The score is now 14-3’. It’s a morality piece, everything about the drama. That’s the whole story.”